APECS Council Updates

apecs-council-members-at-impetus-2008Did you ever wonder how an international organization is run and sets its priorities? Who helps to make the decisions about how things work? Who are the leaders of these organizations and what are they doing? For APECS, this major decision making body is the Council - and if you're looking to gain some great leadership experience, on an international level, and help shape the future of polar research, think about getting involved in the Council!

Council members are involved in many activities: they organize activities for early career researchers around the world; they shape the future of APECS together with the Executive Committee and the Directorate by helping to plan the directions, goals and objectives of our organization; they serve as representative of an international community; and they help to keep our members updated on new results in polar research! Because they are active leaders, they often get opportunities to represent APECS at important conferences and meetings and are recognized by senior leaders in their field.

Do you want to know what our current Council members are doing? Check back here for regular updates from our Council meeting!

The council met again on May 28th, 2014 to discuss the several internal policy items. To start Christie Logvinova, our APECS president, opened discussion regarding APECS’ Strategic Plan. Over the last year the Excom has been diligently drafting a document to outline the direction of APECS for say the next 5 years. This strategic plan will outline where APECS motivation and energy should be focused. For instance during the call we asked feedback from the council on 3 important areas:

-       Partnerships- who APECS should strive to form a partnership with in the future?

-       Resources- what are useful, not worth continuing, and others we should provide?

-       Activities & Events- in-person, online, social media

In addition to this, we are currently drafting new National Committee guidelines. APECS has seen an enormous expansion of new National Committees over the last 2 years, so there has been a need to outline a set of responsibilities and define what the relationship is between APECS International and National Committees are. So together, a team has drafted National committee guidelines, which is currently being reviewed by all national committees for feedback before the Council will vote it into policy. The whole meeting minutes can be found here!

Between January to June 2014 the Council has kept a number of its key activities rolling, which have included updating the mentorship databases, arranging monthly webinars and publishing research features, as well as organizing many exciting events for APECS members to network and develop their Polar research potential. Alongside these key areas many new developments are happening, such as a cool ‘Where are they now’ project (MIC), the website working group (RAC) and the Antarctica Day celebration (E+O) taking place this winter in cooperation with Polar Educators International (PEI) and Our Spaces. 

National Committee are also very active: the Czech Republic will host the Polar Ecology Conference this September, in Europe; Brazil launches an APECS workshop titled ‘Pole-to-Pole’ in September; North Americans will host the 12th International Polar Week in San Francisco; and the Indian Polar Research Network (IPRN) participates in strengthening Oceans Acidification research in Southern Asia by organizing a career panel during the second successive International Workshop on Oceans Acidification (IWOA).

As we now approach the final leg of this council term, we appreciate the effort from Council for successfully strengthening international ties, working group, and national committees. Now that summertime is upon us, it means Council communication is put on pause as many of us are in the field, or on vacation, or moving positions. We will reconvene again in September for an important Council call. For all those who are thinking of applying or renewing their Council roles next year the deadline for this is the 7th September 2014. Do not miss YOUR opportunity to be part of next year’s successful Council!

Great work everyone! Click for the full council term report summary.

The incoming APECS council met on Monday 14 October 2014 for the first time. With 19 members present, we had a good turnout. Gerlis Fugmann gave a welcome and introduction to each of the subcommittees, before chairs were voted in for the coming year. Council calls will be held every 2 months to keep everyone updated on the activities of each committee. Upcoming projects for the 2014/15 year include coordinating the APECS social media accounts, conducting an organizational review and preparing a strategic plan. To read the full minutes, please click here. We look forward to a productive year ahead.


The Council met on Monday March 24, 2014 as their first call in the new year. We had a good turn out for the call with 20 members, including members from the committee and several ex-officio members. We used the time to update each other on the current and upcoming activities across the diverse set of APECS projects. We heard from the RAC, MIC, EOC, the Polar Educators International (PEI), website working group, and from the Excomm. Several different opportunities came up during the call, from helping with upcoming Research Features, revamping APECS promotional material, and the MIC is still looking for a new co-chair! To find out more about the call, you can read the meeting minutes. 

On Thursday October 24th, 2013, the new 2013-2014 Council had their first online call. There were many peple on the call, including members of the executive committee and several ex-officio members. To start the meeting, all attendees introduced themselves. This was followed by a general overview of the responsabilites of the APECS Council given by Christie Logvinova (APECS President). Then elections were held for the APECS Council chairs and the APECS subcommittee chairs. You can find the results of this election here. To find out more about this call, you can read the meeting minutes.

Council co-chairs: Sanna Majaneva – Finland/Norway and Christie Wood– United States

Council members: Emily Choy – Canada, Eleanor Darlington – United Kingdom, Pedro Echeveste – Spain, Russell Fielding – United States, Jolie Gareis – Canada, Maeva Gauthier – Canada, Kristen Gorman – Canada, Molly ZhognanJia – Australia, Alia Khan – United States, MajaLisowska – Poland, Sylvia Lourenço – Portugal, Sylvia Lourenço – Portugal, Heather Mariash - Canada/Finland, Dagmar Obbels – Belgium, Jean-Sébastien Moore – Canada, Julia Schmale – Germany, Anton Van de Putte – Belgium, Tristy Vick-Majors – United States, Mariëtte Wheeler – South Africa


  • Council calls, RAC calls, MIC calls
  • Ingress of 1 new council member
  • Posted jobs from various listservers, posting news
  • Posted opportunities for graduate studies
  • Posted news articles to the APECS Polar News site
  • Updated website with information about conferences
  • Worked on fixing broken links and testing the new structure on the webpage
  • Posted the “Polar Rock Repository” on the Polar Who’s Who page on the APECS site
  • Updated APECS internal mailing lists
  • Updated funding database
  • Started the process of transferring frostbytes to APECS website
  • Developed Research highlights
  • Started video editing team (WG)
  • Started traditional knowledge working group (WG)
  • Svalbard FrostByte – inventory on the webpage
  • Planning and organizing Arctic Science Summit Week APECS workshop 2013
  • Helped out with the Norden application
  • Recruited new members and mentors

MIC activities

  • New co-leader to MIC


RAC activities

  • Updated the webpage (new members, new info…)
  • Monthly updates on the Monthly Research Feature
  • Adding new posters on the Virtual Poster Session
  • Looking for raw material from VPS from November 2011 onwards


E&O Activities

  •  International Polar Week September 2012
    • A class room activity for schools: Flakes, Blobs, Bubbles: An Ice Core Art Project, an activity translated into several languages by APECS members 
    • Webinars
    • Connect to the Poles webinars for teachers and schools
    • Ask-a-scientist forum: APECS members and mentors answering the questions from schools
    • Virtual Balloon launch
    • Local activities by national committees


  • Antarctica Day 2012 December 1st
    • A class room activity: Antarctica Day Flag Design - an activity for schools translated into several languages by APECS members
    • Webinar for classrooms from McMurdo Station
    • Virtual Balloon launch


Participation in past conferences and organization of APECS events / workshops

  • Polar Ecology Conference, Czech Republic – advertising APECS at the poster session
  • Polar Ecology Conference, Czech Republic –APECS Panel session
  • 4th Portuguese Polar Conference – APECS presentation
  • APECS Portugal career development workshop
  • CCAMBIO workshop in Belgium - APECS BeNeLux poster
  • APECS BeNeLux symposium in Ghent, Belgium
  •  IES JaumeBalmes College in Spain – Antartic Day Flagship
  • ArcticNet conference, Canada
  • Future of Polar Research in Finland – APECS Finland seminar and career development workshop
  •  ART-APECS workshop in Sopot, Poland


Planning of APECS events/ workshops at meetings and conferences in 2013 and contributions with poster / presentations related to APECS activities

  • Arctic Science Summit Week 2013 - APECS workshop
  • Annual APECS Portugal career development workshop
  • Polar and Alpine Microbiology  (PAM) in Montana – APECS event
  • ATCM meeting – APECS Belgium science fair
  • SCAR Biology Symposium, Spain – APECS workshop
  • Alaska Marine Science Symposium,  January 2013 in Anchorage, Alaska
  • Ecological Society of America, Minneapolis, MN in Aug 2013
  • ASLO in New Orleans, LA in February 2013 – informal APECS event

On December 10th, 2012 the APECS Council had another productive call. Read about the updates from the call here.

Are you looking for a way to get active in APECS and the APECS leadership? How about you apply to the 2012-2013 APECS Council!

The new Council term for 2012-2013 is starting on 1 October 2012 and we encourage YOU to consider applying for it and help us shape our organization and the future of polar research!

Do you want to find out more about what the APECS Council does? Check out the APECS Council website or go to the 2012-2013 Council page to find out more about our current Council members!

1) You have not previously been involved in the APECS Council and want to apply for it?

It’s easy! You only have to provide:

- current contact information and career level
- brief bio (200 words)
- present picture of yourself
- name and email address of two references
- Expression of Interest Letter (around 500 words) explaining the following:

      a) why you are interested in APECS and sitting on the Council? This includes any ideas you have for projects or activities the organization could undertake, a desire to become more connected to the larger polar community, ways to improve APECS and the role of young researchers in polar research, general interest in the process of the organization, and many others.
      b) Any major periods of extended absence, such as field work, long vacations, intense exam periods or any other long period of absence.
      c) it is also quite helpful to know a little about your experiences (including previous APECS involvement - if any) and why you are interested in the Polar Regions.

A detailed description of the application procedure for the APECS Council can be found here

Applications to the APECS Council can be sent to the APECS Executive Committee!

If you want to start right away for the new term starting October 1, please make sure to send in your application before 9 September. Due to the transition period to the new 2012-2013 Executive Committee at the end of September and beginning of October, Council applications received after September 9 will not be dealt with until later in October.

If you have any questions about what it means to be a member of the APECS Council, the application process or any other queries, please send an email the Council Co-Chairs 

Sanna Manjaneva and / or Christie Wood!

2) You are already a Council member and want to continue to be on the 2012-2013 Council? Send in:

- your last Council report
- a statement of interest why you want to reapply to the Council and what your plans are for the coming Council term

Please send in both to the two Council Co-Chairs Sanna Manjaneva and Christie Wood by no later than 9 September 2012!

3) We will also hold elections for new APECS Council Chairs!

The duties of the Council Chair are to help organize and manage the APECS Council. This position allows you to oversee the ongoing and upcoming future Council activities with Council members and assist those in need of guidance. You will work with the Executive Committee as well to help govern the Council direction. For those of you who are planning on leading future APECS events, this is a great opportunity! Please state in your application or reapplication if you are interested in applying for this position. For more information please contact Sanna Manjaneva and Christie Wood !

Looking forward to hearing from you!

APECS Council Call

January 12, 2012

Chair: Penelope Wagner

Attendees: Mariette Wheeler, Nikolas Sellheim, Jenny Baeseman, Yulia Zaika, Rosa Thorisdottir, Silje-Kristin Jensen, Maja Lisowska, Silvia Lourenco, Alexey Pavlov, Ana David, Benjamin Beall, Benjamin Merkel, Christie Wood, Heather Mariash, Jenny Fisher, Julia Schmale, Lisa Leclerc, Gerlis Fugmann, Tosca Ballerini

Note taker: Nikolas Sellheim


1. Introduction
2. APECS newsletter survey - Ben 
3. APECS Director transition - Yulia
4. Google Docs information - Penny
5. Upcoming events, plans, responsibilities
6. Other

  1. Introduction: Penny Wagner

Welcomes the Council to its first call in 2012. There are many changes going to take place this year and she therefore reminds the Council of its duties as set out in the APECS Council Charter. She encourages the Council to subscribe to mailing lists, so that active participation in the website in terms of news, jobs, etc. is ensured. Updates the Council on new council members (Emily Choy) and those who have stepped down (Laura Weir). Reminds the Council of the Council report. Nikolas S. to draft a template for term report in February together with Penny and Tosca.

  1. Newsletter survey: Ben Beall

Presents the results of the survey regarding the newsletter. 80% of the respondents read the last issue while only 50% have read the last 10 issues. This increase may be related to the change in the format, which was changed and streamlined so that it becomes more attractive. The APECS news section is the most popular, followed by partner news and jobs. The virtual poster session is the least popular section. All in all, the goals are met, while the general layout and design are popular. Yet, ‘survey people’ suggest and increase in the readability of the newsletter. White space should be increased while text should be reduced. There are two suggestions for the news section: A section for National Committees updates and polar resources. Despite the theoretical interest in the Virtual Poster Sessions, it is unpopular. The VPS format should be changed and the visibility should be increased.

  1. APECS Director transition: Jenny Baeseman, Yulia Zaika

Jenny B. has resigned from her Director’s position and is now phasing out her duties.  Angelika Renner and Jenny B. have turned in the job description to the human resources department of the University of Tromsø and the job will hopefully be announced next week. Jenny B. encourages all Council members who are interested to apply: “the more applications the better.” The job will be announced until the end of February (IS THIS CORRECT?). The initial appointment will be for 9 months as a testing period, after that the contract can be renewed for 3 more years. Until a new Director is found, Jenny B.’s current tasks will be delegated to ExCom and Council.

President Yulia Zaika thanks Council for enthusiasm and hard work and Jenny B. for a great job as a founder and Director of APECS. Yulia hopes that Jenny stays with APECS as an advisor. But now, the Council needs to be very active and needs to take over more responsibilities and the leadership needs to step up more. It is also a great opportunity for those interested to gain experience in running an international organization.

  1. Google Docs Information: Penny Wagner

Penny wonders whether the amount of APECS emails may be too high and therefore in which way future communication between the Membership and Involvement Committee (MIC) and the Research Activities Committee (RAC) should take place. The Council does not see the number of APECS-emails as too high and that Google Docs can serve as a good tool to share documents and information.

  1. Upcoming Events: Penny Wagner

Asks the Council members to enter their information concerning upcoming activities into the provided form.

  1. Others

Silvia Lourenco is involved in organizing an APECS workshop in Lisbon in May, possible topics Education and Outreach and /or funding resources.

Julia Schmale encourages having a test call with GoToWebinar before the next Virtual Poster Session. Several people are interested in joining this call.

APECS Council Report – Oct - Dec 2011

Council co-chairs: Tosca Ballerini - USA/Italy and Penelope Wagner-USA;

Council members: Alexandre Bevington - Canada, Punyasloke Bhadury - India, Erli Costa - Brazil, Eleanor Darlington - United Kingdom, Pedro Echeveste - Spain, Nadezhda Filimonova - Russia / Sweden, Jenny Fisher - United States, Gerlis Fugmann - Germany / Canada, Jolie Gareis - Canada, Meagan Grabowski - Canada, Rebeca Zapata Guardiola - Spain, Tiphaine Jeanniard-du-Dot - Canada / France, Silje-Kristin Jensen - UK / Norway, Antony Jinman - United Kingdom, Daleen Koch - South Africa, Lisa-Marie Leclerc - Norway / Canada, Maja Lisowska - Poland, Sílvia Lourenço - Portugal, Candice Lys - Canada, Heather Maraish - Finland / Canada, Sanna Markkula - Finland / Norway, Oliver Marsh - New Zealand / UK, Claudia Maturana - Chile, Inga May - Germany / Canada, Benjamin Merkel - Norway / Germany, Pablo Nicolás Núñez Pölcher - Argentina, Ana Salomé - Portugal, Julia Schmale - Germany, Nikolas Sellheim - Finland / Germany, Philipp Semenchuck - Norway / Germany, Paloma Serrano - Germany / Spain, Rosa Rut Thorisdottir - France / Iceland, Tristy Vick-Majors - United States, Mariette Wheeler - South Africa, Christie Wood - United States



-      Council calls, RAC calls, MIC calls

-      Ingress of 2 new council members

-      Skype call with Spanish / Portuguese speaking APECS members

-      Soliciting contributions from the atmospheric sciences to Antarctica month;

-      Posting jobs from various listservers, posting news

-      Posting news articles to the APECS Polar News site;

-      Update website with info to the confereces where

-      organizing IPY Montreal workshop

-      updated the Travel Award website

-      working on moving our APECS files from Dropbox to google docs

-      working Barents 2020 application and sent it to Jenny

-      working on Fram Report

-      drafted a timeline for the Hiring process of the new director; updated the job description

-      FrostBytes stuff ... Jenny and I had a call for volunteers and now seem to have a good group added various stuff to the publication database (still need to update a few things in there)

-      finalizing the draft for the workshop paper (with Inga)

-      Updating the “Who’s Who in Polar Science” online database as required. 

-      APECS funding workshop being held as part of the Arctic Frontiers Conferene in Tromsø January 2012.

-      Updated APECS internal mailing lists

-      Training GoToWebinar and GoToMeeting web-conferencing systems

-      Working on Barents 2020 application

-      Drafting Strategic Plan

-      Negotiations with Northern (Arctic) Federal University about joint summer field school around Russian Polar and Subpolar unique territories (budget, programme, potential partners)

-      Standing in the Programme Committee (represent APECS there) of the conference for young scientists that will be held in Russia, Arkhangelsk, June. Collaborative work with Arkhangelsk Scientific Centre of RAS and NarFU

-       Negotiations with EGEA as potential partner to organize joint event (e-lecture/webinar)

-       Drafted several APECS contributions to different partners’ newsletters


MIC activities

-      Setting up of the Facebook and Twitter account for APECS-India National Committee. The response has been good. APECS-India related activities are being posted through Facebook. Initiated discussion to hold the APECS-India Workshop in 2012.

-      creating APECS-Spain in an officially sense, with full legal background here in Spain, to try in the future to get funds and all those stuffs to organize events, seminars, etc.

-      Working on a new picture for the chain letter member reactions

-      Sending the Welcome letter and membership card to 24 new members each week

-      Working on a strategie to recrute member to give the presentation to their university to bost up the number of bachelor student (email by country/universities.... working on a list???? )

-      developing of outlines for APECS Sweden members enlargement. I met with a representative of APECS Sweden and we arranged to organize a seminar in Sweden in the year 2012 to attract new members and to share idea and experience on the Arctic and Antarctic research in various fields.

-      -organize a meeting/brainstorm of local ideas of current/potential APECS members in Whitehorse Yukon, Canada

-      Working on establishing of an Northeast US regional chapter of APECS regional group.

-      Working with proposers of APECS Canada chapter

-      APECS Portugal, informing both groups about the upcoming activities. We have been carrying out a process of attract new members and presently counting 13 members. We are now starting to organize the APECS PT annual workshop.

-      developing a APECS Finland national commitee

-      Updating APECS Poland website

-      Correspondence with APECS members in South America on potential VPS or webinars held in Spanish/Portuguese


RAC activities

-      Updated the RAC webpage to present all new members

-      APECS Microbial Ecology VPS held on 29th November, 2011.

-      DOMs: October – Permafrost (helped initially to set up the VPS), November – Microbial Ecology (minimal input from my side), December – Antarctica (see following point), January – Limnology (motivated people to start organizing). The plan for February is to do a Contaminants session and in March to have an interdisciplinary DOM on the Siberian Arctic.

-      December Antarctica Day webinar: initiation and organization by APECS council member together with Jenny B., chairing of the session, during the webinar 64 people participated altogether; participation in the webinar as one of the speakers of one APECS council member; correspondence to Julie Berkman from Our Spaces to make a worldwide Antarctica Day resume

-      Planning and co-organization of the January Discipline of the Month on Limnology, We will also co-ordinate a Limnology Virtual Poster Session, to take place during the last week of January.

-      working group to redefine the structure of the APECS research fields and sub-fields;

Participation to past conferences and organization of APECS events / workshops

-      Assisted in arranging the virtual workshop on Climate Justice in preparation for COP17 with York University on 26 October 2011.

-      Attended COP17 in Durban, South Africa, as APECS representative.

-      APECS Representation  and Presentation at 2nd UArctic Student Forum, Inari, Finland and Kautokeino, Norway, March 19-25, 2011;

-      APECS Representation and Presentation at ARKTIS Graduate School Annual Seminar, Rovaniemi, Finland, April 4 and 5, 2011

-      Informal APECS representation at UArctic 14th Council Meeting and 10th Anniversary, Tornio and Rovaniemi, Finland,  June 6-11, 2011(I tried to do it officially, but official APECS representation by myself was declined)

-      APECS workshop at the AWI

-      Organized and moderated the APECS Mentor Panel Discussion: Careers in polar extremophiles- research and opportunities at the CAREX Life in Extreme Environments Conference held in Dublin from 18th-20th October, 2011.

-      Preparing APECS activity at AGU San Francisco 2011

Planning of APECS events/ workshops at meetings and conferences in 2012 and contributions with poster / presentations related to APECS activities

-      Many APECS council members are involved as co-conveners in sessions of the Montreal IPY 2012 and participated to the review process of submitted abstracts

-      Arctic Frontiers 2012 (poster)

-      APECS Tromso Funding Seminar (presentation)

-      International Symposium on Seasonal Snow and Ice (Lahti, Finland, May 28 – June 1, 2012) (APECS Panel)

-      APECS Representation and Presentation at Jokkmokk Winterconference, Jokkmokk, Sweden, January 31 – February 3; (included an unofficial and informal ‘presentation’ of APECS to the Swedish Crown Princess)

-      potentially set-up an APECS panel during the SETAC meeting in May in Berlin.

-      Participated in two conference calls on the ASSW 2013 Symposium in Poland as APECS representative. For each session there will be one ECR selected by APECS. The set-up of a webpage is under way.

-      The Arctic Council: Its Place in the Future of Arctic Governance, Toronto, Canada, January 17 and 18, 2012

-      Jokkmokk Winterconference, Jokkmokk, Sweden, January 30 – February 3, 2012, (APECS presentation)

-      6th Pan-European Conference European Consortium for Political Research, Tampere, Finland, September 13-15, 2012 (possible APECS representation)

-      Oceans of Changes, 24-27 April 2012, Majorca Island (Spain) (APECS event)

-      In March 2012 a Polar Secretariat will hold a workshop with the participation of APECS Sweden members

-      Submitted 1 poster about APECS at the Ocean Sciences Meeting 2012

-      APECS Panel "International Collaborations in "Cool" Sciences" 

-      in physics conference  

-      NZ annual branch meeting of the International Glaciological Society, February 2012

-      Ocean Sciences Meeting, Salt Lake City 2012,

-      IPY Montreal 2012,

-      SCAR Portland 2012,

-      IASC Glaciology Workshop in January
IGS Symposium, June 2012, Fairbanks, Alaska

-      AGU Fall Meeting 2012, San Francisco – parterning with Cryosphere division to have a mentor panel, publicize opportunities to be more involved & get funding, and we can recruit a whole bunch of new members 

Our first council call of this new term was full of energy and enthusiasm from council members new and more experienced.  We were all very excited to have 28 people on the call, and although it made it a challenge for everyone to speak we had a great time as everyone introduced themselves (briefly), and then we got down to business. New co-chairs were appointed, committees and working groups reviewed and the council jumped into action while still on the call with listserve duties already being claimed on shared online documents as we were still on the line chatting about roles and responsibilities.

To listen to the call recording, click here.  To read the minutes of the call click here.

In June the Council met for yet another Council call. To listen to the call please click here. To read the notes from the call download it by clicking here.

Do you want to know what our current Council members are doing?

The Associaion of Polar Early Career Scientists Council met for a Council meeting in April. The Council members are involved in many activities. To read about the call please click here. It is also possible to listen to the call, please click here to get connected. Next Council meeting will be in June 2011.

apecsThe APECS Council Term Report was full of exciting news. International collaborations amongst APECS members and mentors are spanning the globe in multiple directions, and there are many tangible outcomes of these cooperative interactions. To name a few activities: Virtual Poster Sessions were organized, posters were added, jobs were added to the website, and new members and new mentors joined APECS, and there have been numerous APECS Workshops, panels and other events. National APECS websites are under development, webinars are drawing presenters and participants and being shown to broader audiences. Workshops for APECS members as well as for Arctic teachers have broadened the interactions of each side, and the APECS Facebook, Google Groups and Twitter pages have been actively used. Listservs have been created for various disciplines, and they have proven to be a great venue for discussions and announcements. As these developments have taken place, ways to streamline and improve APECS activities and operations have come to light. The RAC Charter and the Council Charter updates have been accompanied by stimulating discussion and contributions from a number of APECS members, and some very productive meetings were held for both the RAC and the Council. Additionally, there is discussion about merging the Sea Ice and Geophysics Discipline Coordinator positions to better work together in benefitting the sea ice focus.

There has been APECS representation and participation by Council members at numerous international conferences and symposia, including:

  • The International Whale Watching Conference in Tokyo, Japan (APECS Presentation)
  • Research Funding Workshop in Tromsø
  • The IV International Workshop on Micropollutants in the Environment at the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro (presented poster on APECS)
  • The XIII Simpósio Brasileiro de Paleobotânica e Palinogia (presented poster on APECS)
  • The 3rd Annual Polar Law Symposium (APECS Workshop and Mentor Panel)
  • II International Symposium on “Reconstructing Climate Variations in South American and the Antarctic Peninsula Over the Last 2000 Years” (APECS Mentor Panel)
  • LIII Annual Meeting of Chilean Biology Society IV Chilean Annueal Meeting of Evolution (presented poster on APECS)
  • International Glaciological Conference Ice and Climate Change: A View from the South (Mentor Panel)

Some of the highlights from various countries and discipline groups include:

  • An APECS Norway trainee program is in development with the Career Center at the University of Tromsø.
  • APECS signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the Artic Council Working Group, Conservation of Flora and Fauna (CAFF) and preparations are under way to facilitate APECS involvement in the new CAFF project, Arctic Sea Ice.
  • APECS Chile is working to establish formal relations between APECS and the Chilean Antarctic Research Council.
  • The first APECS Brazil Workshop was organized, and APECS Brazil and APECS Portugal have been cooperating to facilitate phenomenal workshops.
  • APECS Portugal is working with the Organizational Committee of Portugal Polar Science (Structure and Logistics), and is working to increase communication and interaction with the Minister of Science and Technology. APECS Portugal has also been busy with an E&O project, “Researchers Night”.
  • The APECS brochure and the APECS Mentor Form have been translated into Russian, greatly extending the reach of these documents. On a similar note, APECS Italy and the Climate Change Answer Working Group is working to translate materials into Italian.
  • APECS Russia is working to establish a connection with the Russian Union of Young Scientists and has initiated work on the Funding Bodies Data Base Working Group.
  • APECS USA organized a mentor panel for “Alternative Careers in Polar Science” and has helped to arrange the Gordon Research Seminar and the accompanying APECS Workshop. Additionally, APECS USA is developing the agenda for a proposed IMPETUS Sea Ice Workshop. Additionally there is an initiative to establish a relationship with the AMS Committee on Polar Meteorology and Oceanography.
  • APECS Poland organized an APECS Discussion Panel at the XXXIII International Polar Symposium, organized promotional events at the 5th SEDIBUD Workshop the Lublin Geopolitical Conference, and a special conference on “Global Climate Change and its Implications on Polish Landscape Transition” organized by the Committee of Geographical Sciences, and the Polish Academy of Science and National global Change Committee. One of the outcomes of this activity has been the creation of the new APECS Working Group of Sediment Budgets in Cold Environments.
  • APECS India has established an outreach program on polar science that involves the participation of students from forty (yes – 40!) schools. Plans are under development to provide opportunities for some of the students who have expressed interest in polar research can participate in research activities in polar biology. Outreach activities have also been undertaken at various universities, and there is now the possibility for a polar workshop in India, along with an APECS India webpage.

Upcoming activities include:

  • APECS representative for the University Antarctic Expedition of Students on Ice.
  • The Arctic Law Thematic Network is being developed, and APECS participation is welcomed.
  • There will be an APECS Workshop in conjunction with the International Congress of Arctic Social Scientists (ICASS) in Akureyri, Iceland in June.
  • Francisco will attend the AGCS meeting as the APECS representative during the IUGG Conference in Melbourne.
  • APECS Portugal meeting will be in March/April.
  • APECS presentation at the PPS Arctic Meeting, the “Present day processes, Past changes, and Spatiotemporal variability of biotic, abiotic, and socio-environmental conditions and resource components along and across the Arctic delimitation zone”
  • APECS presentation at the Avalanches & Related Subjects – IV International Conference
  • APECS presentations at Kola Science Center of Russian Academy of Sciences and Polar Geophysical Institute
  • APECS Career Development Workshop, presentation, and convenor at Arctic Science Summit Week
  • Gordon Research Seminar – APECS Workshop
  • APECS Panel at the 10th AMS Conference on Polar Meteorology and Oceanography
  • APECS Funding Workshop with Saint Petersburg State University of Service and Economics
  • Career Development Symposium at the Baltic Sea Conference

Click here to read the full Council term report

In February the Council met for a meeting. The meetings will occur evey second month. To read about the call click here.

To listen to the call click here

On December 14th the APECS Council had another productive call. Read about the updates from the call here.

You can also listen to the call here.

The APECS council had a productive call on the 2nd of November. Please read more about the call and get all the updates from the council here
On 21 September 2010, the candidates for the APECS Executive Committee 2010/2011 were given the opportunity to introduce themselves during an APECS Council Call.  Those candidates, who weren't currently on fieldwork, participated in the call and shared with the Council their visions for APECS for the next year and the long term.  Detailed notes from this council call (with big thanks to Tosca and Jen for compiling them) are available here.
The APECS Council had another call in August. Read about the updates from the call and a lot of great new initiatives from Council members here.
Minutes are available here. Compiled by Allen Pope.

The APECS Executive Committee have drafted a document outlining the procedure for APECS members express any grievances or concerns with APECS members, leadership or working groups.  Please review this document, and vote on whether or not you wish for this document and procedure to pass.

Voting is mandatory for ALL COUNCIL MEMBERS, and must occur BEFORE Monday, May 31 at 17:00GMT.

The APECS Council had a very productive call on the 22 March 2010, gathering 30 young scientists and guests to update on the latest news about APECS. The hightlights are the acceptance by the council of the APECS working groups programme, the highly welcomed need to keep boosting the Research Activities Committee (RAC), the brilliant work that national committees are doing, namely from Chile, Norway, Poland, PORTUGAL and UK, and discussions on the new Charter for Council members. Great meeting! Check out the notes for more information.

APECS is growing and growing and there are a lot of projects going on and a lot of new members who want to get involved in our organization. The working group proposal is intended to create another opportunity for members to get involved and work on their ideas or projects in smaller groups. We had discussed this proposal in the last few weeks and it is now up for all of you Council members to vote on it!

The final version of the proposal is available here for you to read through.

Voting deadline will be February 26, 2010 at 2000 GMT!

ALL council members MUST vote!

Minutes from the January 2010 Council call are now available here.

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