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This is a reminder that the abstract deadline for the IGS Sea Ice Symposium in Hobart ( is August 30th 2013! Immediately after the meeting there will be an ASPeCt Workshop ( ASPeCt has a small amount of funding for travel to the IGS Symposium. Those of you who are interested in travel support from ASPeCT should submit your abstract by the deadline. Once you have submitted your abstract and it is accepted, you should submit a travel request to and Early career scientists are especially encouraged to apply!!!

Greetings, Saudações, Поздрави, Tervehdys, Salutations, Saluti, Saludos, привітання, Cyfarchion, تحيات!

Thank you for contributing flags and enthusiasm for Antarctica Day 1st December 2012. In honour of your contribution we will display many of the 600 flags contributed during the 100 days from now until 1st December 2013.  

Please join the Antarctica Day (December 1) Facebook group, download the available files, and add your comments and ideas for activities for Antarctica Day 2013. Best wishes!

We hope to draw your attention to the volunteer opportunities for the upcoming International symposium on sea ice in a changing environment, holding by International Glaciological Society (IGS) March 2014, in Hobart, Tasmania, Australia. 

The 5-day symposium will include oral and poster presentations from 13 topics on current sea ice research.  IGS will also organize a public science day before the symposium. The science day will consist a variety of activities in hope to raise public awareness of polar and sea ice researches. Please refer to the symposium website for more details. (

The symposium committee would like to offer early career researchers some great opportunities to get involved with symposium organization.

1). Discussion leaders for symposium sessions

2). Helper for the science day

3). General reception for the symposium

If you plan to participate in the symposium, please take a few minutes to complete a short survey ( to let us know if you are interested to help and your availability. Please provide your comments before September 25th, 2013.   

Every year around spring, the International Arctic Science Committee (IASC) publishes its yearbook. Around 1500 copies of the IASC bulletin are widely circulated by mail and distributed at the Arctic Science Summit Week. For graphics and photographs we depend solely on what our council members, related research institutes and scientists themselves send us. For the publication of the yearbook 2014, which will appear in April next year, and other IASC publications such as the website, brochure and calendar, we are looking for new photographs. We welcome images depicting all areas of arctic science: ranging from scientists in the field, animals, landscapes, to everyday life on the work floor and much, much more.

In addition, we are also busy compiling a bulletin for IASC´s 25th anniversary this year. We would thus also greatly welcome photographs on IASC´s early years, meetings during the years 1988-2005 or any other IASC-related images.

Although we are not able to pay for the copyrights, we of course mention the photographer´s name and (if required) the institute he or she works for. The photographer always receives a copy of the print by regular mail. The image quality must be around 3500 x 2500 pixel.

With each photo we would appreciate:
• a short description about what we see and background information on the project/research;
• place;
• name of photographer / Institute;
• contact information.

You can send the photographs by e-mail. Should the files be very large, please send me a short note with your name and I will send you an invitation for a dropbox folder where you can upload the photographs. Because of editing, layout and proofreading we would appreciate receiving your photographs by October 15, 2013.

We thank everyone who takes the effort to send in their photos. However, we usually receive more photographs than we can place and therefore have to make a selection based on geographical and thematic representation. We only notify the photographers whose contribution have been selected for publication.

Unless indicated otherwise, we will assume that we are free to use the photograph for any IASC involved publication. Non of the photographs in our database are used for commercial purposes. Should we receive a commercial request we will always refer the inquirer to the photographer.

If you have any further questions please feel free to contact me by e-mail:

Thank you and best wishes,
Ursula Heidbach

The Scientific Committee on Antarctic Research (SCAR) and the Council of Managers of National Antarctic Programs (COMNAP) are pleased to announce the 2013 Fellowship Awardees.

Two Antarctic organisations have joined forces to launch Fellowships for early career researchers. The Fellowships are worth up to $US15,000 each and six Fellowships (4 SCAR, 1 COMNAP and 1 joint SCAR/COMNAP) were awarded in 2013 (one more than the previous year). The SCAR Fellowships are awarded to: Paula Casanovas, Bella Duncan, Reny Tyson and Luis Huckstadt. The COMNAP Fellowship is awarded to: Charlotte Havermans. A co-funded SCAR/COMNAP Fellowship was awarded to: Luis Rodriguez.

This year, twenty-six applications were received. The winners of the Fellowships will carry out a range of scientific research in areas including marine biology, climatology, remote sensing and understanding terrestrial ecosystem complexity. Candidates come from a wide geographic spread of countries, including Argentina, Belgium, New Zealand, Russia, Spain, Venezuela and USA.

For further details please see

The Committee on "Emerging Research Questions in the Arctic" of the National Research Council (NRC) is looking for your assistance. This committee is charged to provide guidance on future research questions in the Arctic over the next 10-20 years, identifying the key scientific questions that are emerging (i.e., only now becoming possible to ask or address) in different realms of Arctic science and exploring both disciplinary realms (e.g., marine, terrestrial, atmosphere, cryosphere, and social sciences) and cross cutting realms (e.g., integrated systems science and sustainability science).

To help us accomplish our goals, the committee would like to draw widely on the expertise and experience of the Arctic science community. We kindly request your assistance by filling out a short questionnaire:

Thank you for taking time to provide input to this study. We request your contribution by Friday, August 23, 2013. Please feel free to share this email and the survey link with your colleagues.

If you would like to be kept abreast of the study and notified when the Committee's report is available, please provide your contact information here:

Thank you,
Stephanie Pfirman, Barnard College, Committee Co-Chair
Henry Huntington, Pew Charitable Trusts, Committee Co-Chair
Maggie Walser, National Research Council, Study Director

Questions can be directed to Lauren Brown at the NRC:

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