Antarctica Day 2012

Join APECS, Our Spaces, PolarTREC, and Polar Educators International in celebrating Antarctica Day on December 1st!


Participate this year by joining in live webinars with early-career scientists, by designing an Antarctic flag that will be sent to the ice with a team of researchers, or launch a virtual balloon.

Download an amazing Antarctica Day poster here or in Portuguese here.

What is Antarctica Day?

On December 1st, 1959 the Antarctic Treaty was signed by 12 nations, setting aside nearly 10% of the Earth “forever to be used
exclusively for peaceful purposes… in the interests of all mankind.” The Antarctic Treaty became the first nuclear-arms agreement and the first institution to govern all human activities in an international space (a region beyond sovereign jurisdictions). As a legacy of the 2009 Antarctic Treaty Summit ( – celebrating the first fifty years of international peace and cooperation under the Antarctic Treaty – Our Spaces initiated Antarctica Day in 2010. Antarctica Day is an annual event to build global awareness of this landmark institution, celebrating this milestone of peace in our civilization with hope and inspiration for future generations. Growing from 14 nations during its first year, Antarctica Day 2011 involved participants in 28 countries with activities embraced by diverse governmental and non-governmental organizations facilitating direct involvement of schools, teachers and students. Antarctica Day is an opportunity to demonstrate how diverse nations can work together peacefully, continuously using science as a global language of cooperation for decision making beyond national boundaries.

 Goals of Antarctica Day -

• To demonstrate how diverse nations can work together peacefully, using science as a global language of cooperation for decision making beyond national boundaries.

• Provide strategies for students learning about Antarctica through art, science and history.

• Increase collaboration and communication between classrooms, communities, researchers and government officials around the world.

• Provide a focus for polar educators to build on each year.

How can you participate in Antarctica Day? 

Our aim is to encourage participation from around the world. This year you can participate in several ways including: 

Launch a “Virtual Peace Balloon”: See who around the world is participing in Antartica Day 2012 (

Free live webinars with early-career researchers and teachers who work or who have visited Antarctica.

Antarctica Day Flag Design: This activity aims to have students design a flag to represent Antartica. These flag drawings, submitted by email, will be printed and taken to the ice with a group of students and teachers from Gateway Antarctica in Christchurch, New Zealand.

---- For more information about these actitvies, please see the indivudal sections of this webpage. ----

           Here are some of the great events and activities going on around the world in celebration of Antarctica Day!

MORE TO BE POSTED SOON! Are you celebrating Antarctica Day? If so, let us know what you are up to by emailing

(heidi dot roop at gmail dot com)

Who What When and Where

Finnish Meteorological Institute

Photo Exhibition: This exhibition, hosted by the Finnish Antarctic Research Program (FINNARP), highlights the research and equipment used on their Antarctica expeditions.

Finnish Meteorological Institute: 5th of November until 1st of December


Live Event: US Teacher Michael Lebaron will connect with classrooms to celebrate Antarctica Day from McMurdo Station, Antarctica! Participation is free and easy. Register here:

3 December 2012 at 9:30am AKST [10:30am PST, 11:30am MST, 12:30pm CST, 1:30pm EST]

APECS and Our Spaces

Live Event: Researcher Toasca Ballerini will lead this Antartica Day Webinar (targeted to European audiences) and tell us about the science of the Southern Ocean

 December 4th (TBD)
APECS Finland

Public seminar: Shaping the future of Polar research in Finland-

29 November in Helsinki, Finland

Where the Arctic and Antarctic meet *Celebrating Antarctica Day (with Stefan Kindberg & Moki Kokori)

Nov 30 - Dec 2, Explorer's Club, New York City, USA
Our Spaces, APECS, schools

Antarctica Day Flags - From the Classroom to Antarctica

Nov 26 - Dec 7, in schools around the world
Our Spaces & Ship Naturalists

Antarctica Day Bird Count

1 December, Southern Ocean

Laboratory of Polar Biology and Oceanobiology, University of Lodz

Presentation titled:

"Scientists from Lodz studying polar waters of the Southern Ocean"

 December 10th. 12:30 local time
Shackleton's Story

 Event with Dr. Deb Tillinger

December 1st, 20:00- House of Collection, Brooklyn, NYC, United States

Free Antarctic Photo Library

 Ongoing: United Nations Environmental Programme (UNEP) Grid Arendal, Norway

Penguins Marching into your Classroom (Ms. Jean Pennycook)

From the penguin colony at Cape Royds, Antarctica- Follow along for daily nest checks and photos!

Thorughout Austal summer 2012

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