One of the easiest ways to share your research with friends, family and others is to use a blog. These can be daily details on what you are working on in the field or in the lab, or once-a-week updates. Here we share with you some of the blogs from APECS members and other polar organizations.

If you have your own blog, let us know - we would be happy to include it in our list!


Follow latest NABOS expedition to the Arctic Ocean at

Information about NABOS 2013 cruise at

INTERACT aims to inform and interact with the public, stakeholders and primary, secondary and tertiary students. logo

Blogs are posted by researchers that are using the opportunity to do field work in a wide variety of topics, but all related to the Arctic environment. 

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Nita_SmithWhen Scott of the Antarctic ventured into the otherworldly Dry Valleys in 1903, he famously dubbed them “Valleys of the Dead”. Over 100 years later, modern science is proving Scott wrong, showing a surprising abundance and diversity of microbial life. The NZ Terrestrial Antarctic Biocomplixity Survey (nzTABS) mission is focusing on examining the biocomplexity of terrestrial ecosystems living in extreme environments. In January 2013, 16 scientists headed to the Victoria Valley, Antarctica. Read on to find out more about the project and life in the field.

ysf_logoEvery year ARCTOS is organising a Young Scientist Forum Workshop in connection with the Arctic Frontiers conference in Tromsø, Norway. The workshop brings together early career scientist from both social and natural science and many different countries. The workshop participants follow the entire Arctic Frontiers conference and all side events and embark on the coastal steamer Hurtigruten for a trip to Svolvær on the Lofoten islands afterwards. Here they get some intense days where they learn to write research proposals to an imaginary research fund, as well as a good deal of northern Norwegian culture. In 2013 we had 24 participants from 11 countries, and you can read about their adventures and their work in our fabulous blog here:

polarstern2013Students blogging from their first Antarctic cruise onboard RV Polarstern. It is a joint outreach effort between Alfred Wegener Institute for Polar and Marine Research (AWI) and the Association of Polar Early Career Scientists. Follow their blog at and on Twitter ! 

bethan_davies_blogFieldwork and science blog by Bethan Davies from her Antarctic fieldwork to Alexander Island in November-December 2012. Bethan was in the field with Professor Mike Hambrey from Aberystwyth University and Ian Hey, a field assistant from the British Antarctic Survey. The team were investigating past ice-shelf and ice sheet dynamics at Ablation Point Massif, Antarctica. They were based in a remote field camp comprising just two little tents, 200 miles south of Rothera, the nearest research station. They were supported by the British Antarctic Survey and the fieldwork was funded by the Natural Environment Research Council (NERC).

Check it out here:

A bunch of scientists from the Arctos network are venturing out into the winter darkness north of Svalbard to investigate the marine ecosystem in winter. Follow their blog:

Hi APECS! My name is Allen Pope and for July-August 2010 I will be up in Ny Ålesund, Svalbard for the next 3 weeks doing fieldwork. My research is related to collecting ground-based glacier-surface reflectance data to help in validation and interpretation of satellite and airborne imagery.

In addition to myself and two other team members, we will be joined by our mascot Fjord the Reindeer. As an outreach measure, Fjord will be keeping a blog of our activities, research, life in Ny Ålesund, and stories about Arctic research complete with photos, maps and hopefully video.

So, check it out at, and keep checking back as he’ll be putting up new content frequently. Please feel free to tell any friends you have interested in education & outreach, too – we would love to get questions from anybody interested in our work or Arctic fieldwork in general whether school kids or armchair explorers. If you’re interested in more expeditions and outreach, check out

Written by Angelika Renner

Hei all,

After more than a year on land (or in small boats), I'm off on a gelirennercruise again! Back on the RRS James Clark Ross and to the Weddell Sea and of course we will maintain a cruise website and blog! Check it out:

In case you're a teacher/lecturer, discuss any Antarctic related stuff in your class, and have questions for us: we will build a Q&A section and any questions we receive, we'll post there with an answer (if we can come up with one...). So get your student asking! If you're just generally curious and have questions yourself, fire away as well!
We will try to blog in as many languages as we have on board additionally to the english posts... Just to add a challenge to our work...

Hope to hear from you,

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