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PhD in "Sustanaible development and climate change"
Varese, Italy
Insubria University
  • Graduate Position

Open call for 1 position for a three years PhD student position

Title: Relationships between Climate Change, permafrost and ecosystems in alpine periglacial, proglacial and glacial environments.

The University in which the students will develop their research will be the Insubria University in Northern Italy, close to the border with Switzerland (Varese and Como).

Research topic:
The research will be focused on the analyses of the impacts of the climate change on the high mountain environment with particular regard to the permafrost and the periglacial, proglacial and glacial environment and the related ecosystems. In these areas permafrost is thawing almost everywhere as well as glaciers are retreating, thinning and covering by debris, both these processes are changing deeply the alpine landscape and are triggering surface instability that interacts with the evolution of the ecosystems and with the CO2 fluxes. The research will be focused on these complex and dynamic relationships.

Research team and environment: 
This PhD is within the framework of Climate Change Research Center of Insubria University where it will be possible work in a multidisciplinar team including the CRyosphere Lab (resp. Prof. Mauro Guglielmin) with a Post Doc (Dr. S. Ponti, expert in remote sensing) and two other PhD (dr. Alessandro Longhi, expert in soils) and dr. Silvia Picone (expert in debris flows). THis group interacts with the Botany and Climate Change Lab (Resp. Prof. Nicoletta Cannone) in which other experts of vegetation and terrestrial ecology of alpine and polar areas are working and with the Ecology and Ecotoxicology Lab (Resp. Prof. Roberta Bettinetti) where other experts are working on acquatic ecology. The Climate Change Research Center of Insubria will have since 2022 the possibility to use the International Branch of Insubria at Barrow (USA, Alaska). The team is working in cooperation of many national and international Instititution like the British Antarctic Survey, the Alfred Wegener Institute, the CNR-ISP, the Trieste University and many other foreigner universities.

Suggested skills: 
The candidate should have basic knowledge on the climate change, on the climate change impacts on the cryosphere and on the ecosystems of periglacial, proglacial and glacial environment. Basic knowledge on GIS and statistical analyses are also welcome. The candidates should be ready to work in a dynamic, international context with an important field work activity in high mountain environment.

The reference person (Supervisor) is Prof. Mauro Guglielmin, Full Prof of Physical Geography and Geomorphology of Insubria University (Varese and Como, Italy, 

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If you are interested please send an email to the reference person above and see the link of the call


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