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Coastal Monitoring Community Outreach Manager
Anchorage, Alaska, USA
Inuit Circumpolar Council Alaska
  • Graduate Position
  • Research Scientist

Inuit Circumpolar Council (ICC) Alaska is seeking an experienced, full-time Coastal Monitoring Community Outreach Manager. The position is located in Anchorage, Alaska and the annual salary is $75,000. This is a grant-funded position for 2 years but may be extended if additional resources are secured.


The position will coordinate community outreach and ICC’s participation within the Coastal Expert Monitoring Group (CEMG) work conducted under the Arctic Council. The position will focus on the implementation of the CEMG plan within Alaska through direct engagement with the regions that we advocate on behalf of and will represent ICC on the international Coastal Expert Monitoring Group Steering Committee. Under this position, high emphasis will be placed on relationship building to aid in bringing forward Inuit-driven monitoring programs and guiding a co-production of knowledge approach within this initiative. The position will work in close cooperation with the Indigenous Knowledge/Science Advisor and report to the Executive Director.

General job functions include, but are not limited to:

  • Represent the ICC and participate in the Coastal Expert Monitoring Group as a steering committee member to bring forward Inuit collective positions, provide guidance and input from an Indigenous Knowledge understanding, provide guidance and leadership on the application of a co-production of knowledge approach.
  • Coordinate with all ICC offices to develop positions and share information that is put forward as the ICC representative on the Coastal Expert Monitoring Group steering committee.
  • Work in collaboration with U.S. Conservation of Arctic Flora and Fauna (CAFF) Head of Delegation, the US Coastal Expert Monitoring Group Head of Delegation, and the Circumpolar Biodiversity Monitoring Plan leads to aid in the work informing CBMP groups.
  • Represent ICC Alaska, work with the U.S. representatives, including Fish and Wildlife Service (FWS) experts, engaged in the Coastal Expert Monitoring Group work and the national implementation of the Coastal Expert Monitoring Group plan to bring forward Inuit positions, understandings, and knowledge; provide guidance and input from an Indigenous Knowledge understanding; provide guidance and leadership on the application of a co-production of knowledge approach. This includes, but will not be limited to the following tasks:

o   Develop a coordination and outreach plan for the meaningful involvement of Inuit organizations and Indigenous Knowledge holders within the Coastal Expert Monitoring Group and the implementation of the plan within Alaska.

o   Work in collaboration with the U.S. FWS representative(s) and other U.S. Department of the Interior experts to aid in the development of the US Coastal Expert Network (USCEN).

o   Work in collaboration with the U.S. representatives to aid in the coordination of the US Coastal Expert Network communications and engagement with Indigenous Knowledge holders and Inuit organizations, including regional and communities’ entities.

o   Work with the U.S. representatives to aid in outreach and relationship-building to facilitate the understanding of the Coastal Expert Monitoring Group implementation plan, gather feedback on adjustments that may be needed, involvement of Inuit organizations in the implementation plan, and Inuit organizations and Indigenous Knowledge holders joining the USCEN.

o   Organize, lead, and facilitate meetings and discussions with Inuit organizations and Indigenous Knowledge holders to discuss information needs and input into the USCEN processes.

o   Aid the U.S. representatives in the communication and identification of Inuit organization representatives and Indigenous Knowledge holders to attend USCEN workshops and meetings.

o   Aid in the evaluation of the process following one year and provide leadership and guidance on any adjustments needed to have a robust co-production of knowledge approach.

o   Draft, edit and produce reports, studies, position papers, policy statements and other documents as needed.

  • Seek and acquire sustainable funding to support this position after the initial two-year funding period ends. Explore fiscal support opportunities to support projects that are identified as needed to aid in the implementation of the Coastal Expert Monitoring plan and to further advance Inuit interests within this work.
  • This position requires a high amount of regional travel within Alaska. All candidates should have a strong level of comfortability in organizing and traveling independently.
  • Other duties assigned by the Executive Director.


  • Bachelor’s degree in related field and five years of experience related to working in coastal biodiversity, community-driven research and/or monitoring, co-production of knowledge, application and/or understanding of Indigenous methodologies. A Master’s degree in a related field is preferred. Relevant work experience may substitute for the degree requirement.
  • Experience with bringing people together from multiple knowledge systems, facilitation, community outreach, working with Indigenous Knowledge holders, knowledge about the Arctic and Inuit homelands, and conducting independent desk research and report writing. Knowledge of applying a food security lens to monitoring and culturally appropriate approaches to holding discussions, knowledge sharing, project development, and other related activities.
  • Demonstrated ability to facilitate engagement and relationship building with excellent communications skills across multiple audiences and platforms (at a community, national, and international scale).
  • Demonstrated strong analytical skills, attention to detail, and oral and written communication skills are required; communication skills include the ability to develop and foster professional relationships and to maintain a courteous and professional demeanor with member and affiliate organizations.
  • Self-motivated, ability to learn, work independently, implement direction and feedback, organize, and prioritize work, and meet deadlines.
  • Problem-solving abilities with high attention to detail and accuracy are a must.
  • Experience with researching, building relationships with funders and applying for grants.
  • Experience with Inuit or Alaska Native non-profit organizations preferred.
  • A US passport is required and willing to travel to rural Alaska and internationally.

Please submit a resume, a letter of interest that explains your experiences and qualifications for the position, three references and a recent writing sample. The writing sample must be relevant to the position. Please submit all materials by e-mail to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. You can also mail or drop off materials to the ICC Alaska office at 3900 Arctic Blvd. Suite #203 Anchorage, AK.


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