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Fram Centre logoThe Fram Centre is the short name for FRAM - High North Research Centre for Climate and the Environment. The Fram Centre is based in Tromsø, and consists of about 500 scientists from 20 institutions involved in interdisciplinary research in the fields of natural science, technology and social sciences. Fram Centre members are: Akvaplan-niva, CICERO Centre for International Climate Environmental Research Oslo, Institute of Marine Research, National Coastal Administration, National Veterinary Institute, NGU - The Geological Survey of Norway, NILU - Norwegian Institute for Air Research, NINA - Norwegian Institute for Nature Research, NIKU - Norwegian Institute for Cultural Heritage Research, Nofima - The Norwegian Institute of Food, Fisheries and Aquaculture Research, NORUT - Northern Research Institute, Norwegian Polar Institute, Norwegian Forest and Landscape Institute, Norwegian Institute for Agricultural and Environmental Research, Norwegian Institute for Water Research, Norwegian Mapping Authority, Norwegian Radiation Protection Authority, Norwegian School of Veterinary Science, SINTEF Group, UNIS - The University Centre in Svalbard, University of Tromsø, and Polaria (associated member). More about Fram Centre at

The Fram Centre Webinars was a series of webinars organized by APECS with the support of the Fram Centre in fall and winter 2012-2013. They highlighted the Fram Centre itself as well as its five flagship research programs: (1) Sea ice in the Arctic Ocean, technology and agreements, (2) Effects of climate change on sea and coastal ecology in the north, (3) Ocean acidification and ecosystems effects in Northern waters, (4) Effects of climate change on terrestrial ecosystems, landscapes, society and indigenous peoples, (5) Hazardous substances – effects on ecosystems and human health. You will find a description of each Fram Centre Webinar in our past webinars database.

In total, six webinars were organized, and introduced the Fram Centre Concept and its five flagship research programmes. The webinars were organized by Ingeborg  G. Hallanger (University of Tromsø, Norway), Alexey Pavlov (APECS International Directorate, University of Tromsø, Norway) and Angelika Renner (Norwegian Polar Institute, Fram Centre, Tromsø, Norway). 

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