During the Arctic Frontiers 2017 Conference in Tromsø Norway, APECS organized a panel discussion on 25 January about different career paths in Arctic science, inside and outside academia. The panelists represented various career possibilities: Bodil Bluhm is a professor at UiT The Arctic University of Norway; Katrin Bluhm works as a coordinator of the science part of Arctic Frontiers at Akvaplan-niva; Lawrence Hislop works with science management in Climate and Cryosphere project (CliC); and Dennis Fink facilitates science communication through his company Mediomix. Following introductions, the audience posed questions, and the experiences, choices, and random encounters that led to these positions were discussed.

Some take-home-messages from the panel include:

The panel recording can be accessed here or in the APECS webinar archive to give many more early-career researchers the opportunity to benefit from it. 

Mar Fernández-Méndez and the APECS-Arctic Frontiers team

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Photo: Expand your frontiers career path panel organized by APECS. (Photos by Mar Fernández-Méndez).