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Breaking the ice with APECS-Chile
21 and 23-24/9/2020
Chile, (Online, zoom platform)

APECS-Chile is organizing three inspiring talks, which will take place on Monday 21st, Wednesday 23rd and Thursday 24th September.

Monday 21st, September, at 15:00 GMT, we will be accompanied by our guests Dr. Andrea Piñones (COPAS, IDEAL Center, Universidad Austral de Chile) and Dr. Luis Huckstadt (Institute of Marine Sciences, University of California Santa Cruz), with whom we will discuss the subject "Defining ecological baselines for sentinel species in high latitude marine ecosystems". This conversation will be moderated in English by Renato Borrás (CAPES, PUC) (APECS-Chile National Representative). They will tell us “how, through sensors attached to animals, they managed to describe the movement patterns and habitat preferences of Antarctic pinnipeds, the environment where they live and develop, and to establish ecological baselines to help us understand the ongoing environmental changes”.

Wednesday 23rd, September, at 15:00 GMT, we will be accompanied by our guest Dr. Eduardo Castro (Universidad Andres Bello, Center for Bioinformatics and Integrative Biology), who will tell us about "Earth, wind and roots: Antarctic teleconnexions and effect on terrestrial biota". This conversation will be moderated in English by Renato Borrás (CAPES, PUC) (APECS-Chile National Representative), and we will try “to understand the teleconnections between Antarctica and the rest of the world through the lens of pollutant and microbial transport, and to evaluate their reservoirs and possible sources”.

Thursday 24th, September, at 20:30 GMT, we will be accompanied by our guest Dr. Julieta Orlando (Genomic Antarctic Biodiversity, Laboratory of Microbial Ecology, Universidad de Chile), who will do a reflection and will tell us about her work titled "In science there is no path, you make the path as you go: The evolution of microbiology among seas, lakes and soils Antarctica" / “En ciencias no hay camino, se hace camino al andar: El devenir de una microbióloga entre mares, lagos y suelos antárticos”. This talk will be moderated in Spanish by Dra. Maria Estrella Alcamán (CR2, UdeC) & Dra. Claudia Maturana (IEB) (both APECS-Chile National Committee). In this conversation, we will follow the way that our guest chose: “Paths of science are not free from meandering, bifurcations and even obstacles. We will talk about chances, coincidences, accidents and a touch of luck to become inserted in the development of Antarctic science. The way of this microbiologist includes the study of lichens, soils, penguins, urchins, fish and lakes, among other Antarctic models and environments”

See here the full program.

*Attendance at the event will be with prior registration. 

Register in next links to participate, the link will be sent to your emails 24 hrs before each seminar.

21 Sep. 2020, 03:00 – 4:30 PM GMT

23 Sep. 2020, 03:00 – 4:30 PM GMT

24 Sep. 2020, 8:30 – 10:00 PM GMT

Claudia Maturana / Zambra López F. apecs.chile(at)

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