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Prior to the science symposium at the Arctic Science Summit Week (ASSW) in Kraków, Poland, APECS held a one day career development and thematic workshop on 16 April.

28 early career researchers from more than 10 countries and a large variety of research disciplines used the opportunity to learn about new approaches in conducting science, how to communicate their science to stakeholders, and to discuss about the global relevance of the Arctic.

ASSW Workshop Group6 mentors, representing natural and social sciences, indigenous people and the science-policy interface, gave talks and led the breakout groups in the morning and afternoon. Some of the discussed topics were:

·         What skills do we need to be successful scientists?

·         Tips and tricks for science communication.

·         How can we better engage stakeholders and local communities in solution-oriented science through mutual learning?

·         New developments in Arctic research.

·         The Arctic’s relevance in the Earth System.

In addition, our executive director gave an introduction to APECS.

At the end of an intensive workshop day, a number ideas and recommendations were discussed. Main outcomes from this event are:

·         APECS will nominate a representative for the MOSAiC project.

·         The indigenous people secretariat encouraged APECS to jointly do a field school or similar event in a local Arctic community.

·         It was recommended that APECS reaches out further into the global research community and uses upcoming opportunities to highlight the importance of including early career researchers in science and governance processes as well as organizations.

·         APECS was encouraged to develop an internship program. First organizations assured their support during the workshop and following science symposium.

For details regarding the program, mentors and attendees please click here.

Further APECS activities during ASSW

I APECS members were engaged in a number of additional ways in this year's Arctic Science Summit Week.