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Antarctica Day is celebrated by the international polar community on 1st December 2021 to commemorate the signing of the Antarctic Treaty in 1959, which is considered to be one of the most successful achievements of the international community. The APECS Antarctica Day Project Group is excited to be part of these celebrations and is organising a series of activities ​to celebrate the day with all APECS members, APECS National Committees, as well as everyone who is interested in and passionate about Antarctica, with an overarching goal of raising awareness of the importance of Antarctica, especially in the light of a changing global climate.

We enthusiastically encourage our early career researchers (ECR) to both join our activities and to communicate with us if you are planning something special to celebrate Antarctica Day with your community. We want to promote your activities, too! Thanks to the wide collaborations between countries, we could expand and enrich our events and celebrate the spirit of international peace and scientific cooperation that signified the signing of the Antarctic Treaty in 1959.

To reach our goal, we have planned the activities described below to engage as many people as possible who want to share their exclusive Antarctic experiences and those who want to feed their curiosity about the continent of the extremes.

Antarctica Day 2021 - Vote for your favourite photo now!



Thank you for the amazing photos that were submitted for our Antarctica Day 2021 Photo Competition!
We received 14 submissions in total. Now it is time for YOU to vote on your favourite photo. 

How to vote? Click through the photo gallery on our photo competition website and note their number and photographer name.
And then fill out the voting form.

You can only vote once! Voting will close on Tuesday, 30 November at 23:59 GMT. The winners will be announced afterwards as soon as the voting results have been verified.

1. A Traditional Photo Contest

437 Marlen Kolbe Poster Antarctica Day 2021 Photo Contest newA photo contest organized by APECS project groups has a long tradition. As such, the Antarctica Day PG invited everyone to submit their favorite picture from, about or in Antarctica under the overarching theme “My favourite thing about Antarctica”.

Submission is closed. The winners will be announced on Antarctica Day, 1 December 2021


--> See here all PHOTO SUBMISSIONS



Design by Marlen Kolbe

Rules and Regulations:

2. Antarctic Movie and Book Compilation

Antarctica Day Book Movie Recommendation Poster

This Antarctica Day, we would like a focus on the portrayal of Antarctica in different kinds of media. There have been countless movies and books either featuring or inspired by the white continent, and we hope to share the best of those with all of you.

This form is for the submission of book and movie recommendations. Books may cover an array of genres, ranging from biographies of explorers and accounts of expeditions to travel guides and historical publications. Films can range from epic documentaries and investigative reporting to apocalyptic narratives and bizarre science fiction. The only requirement is that the book should feature Antarctica in some way or form.

The best of your submissions will be shared on APECS social media. A booklet and web resource will be created with all the recommendations received and prospectively released after the events of Antarctica Day. It will serve as a literary directory for everyone to view at leisure.

The form requests for a few personal details, title and publishing information of the book you are recommending and a brief review of the same. All personal information will remain confidential. Please pass on this form to friends and colleagues, and feel free to submit more than one recommendation! We will be delighted to hear from you.

Submit your Antarctic Movie and Book Compilation via the form below until 1 December, 23:59 GMT.

Design by Srilakshmi Chidambaram

3. Antarctic FAQ Podcast and Handbook for K-12 students

455 Katharina Heinrich Poster Antarctic FAQ Podcast and HandbookAntarctica Day x PolarTimes 

In celebration of Antarctica Day 2021, a special episode of the APECS Podcast Polar Times will be released on 1 December 2021. Within this episode, Jack Buckingham, Azamat Tolipov and Katharina Heinrich answer questions about Antarctica that were submitted by from K-12 students. In addition, a FAQ Handbook is being prepared, which provides answers to all submitted questions and includes amazing artwork and designs of the Antarctic environment and species by Autun Purser (Alfred-Wegener Institute) and Bronte Harrison (University Centre of the Westfjords). With these efforts this years’ Antarctica Day Project Group aims to create a resource that brings Antarctica closer to young students and serves as a basic information tool to increase awareness and interest about the frozen continent. 

Stay tuned for the release of the FAQ Handbook, which will be available as a free pdf and make sure to follow the PolarTimes Podcast on a platform of your choice, to not miss out on our Antarctica Day Special Episode or any other episodes. 





 Design by Katharina Heinrich

4. Antarctica Day Webinar - Work and life at Antarctic Research Stations

454 Katharina Heinrich Poster Antarctica Day 2021 Webinar

Have you been wondering or curious about what it is like to live at the South Pole, walk in a "town" called McMurdo, how Scott Base looks like from the inside, what people do at ZhongShan Station, why one overwinters at King Sejong Station and about many other stations and deep field camps around Antarctica? We bet you have! So, read on.

In three different sessions of this year's Antarctica Day Webinar series, researchers and staff members who worked or are currently working in Antarctica will share their first-hand experiences, personal stories, excitements and challenges they faced in and around Antarctic research stations with us. We are also thrilled to have some speakers speaking live from McMurdo (the US), Davis Station (Australia) and other stations! Of course, you will be able to ask questions in a Q/A session at the end of each of the webinars.

Make sure to sign up for one or more of our sessions and get an impression of what life at research stations on the frozen continent looks like. Below, you can find which Antarctic research stations will be represented in our webinars.

While planning this webinar series, substantial assistance was received from the Council of Managers of National Antarctic Programs (COMNAP) and the COMNAP Member national Antarctic programs and others.

Join us on 1 December by registering for the following Antarctica Day sessions:

Webinar 1: 09:00 - 10:30 GMT (Registration link)
Webinar 2: 14:00 - 15:30 GMT (Registration link)
Webinar 3: 16:00 - 17:30 GMT (Registration link)


Design by Katharina Heinrich

5. Antarctica Day Visual Motto

439 Marlen Kolbe Poster Antarctica Day 2021 Visual Motto newThere are two Antarctica-related celebrations observed on and off the continent - Antarctica Day and Midwinter Day. While Midwinter Day is very specific to those who are in Antarctica during a winter solstice, Antarctica Day is observed more outside of the continent, thereby recognizing the fact that the continent has been impacted by human activities elsewhere including effects on the ice sheet through the climate change impacts. Besides, by celebrating Antarctica Day, the community aims to increase the awareness of the global importance of the continent that controls and reacts to the changes in global climate and ocean. As an active contributor to this goal, the Antarctica Day Project Group decided to create a new tradition: A visual motto announced on each Antarctica Day which will be used as an Antarctic motto for the upcoming APECS year!

We define an Antarctic visual motto as an image that incorporates 2 elements - a short textual motto and a graphic depiction - to deliver a strong message about Antarctica. The idea is to include the general public by inviting everyone to submit their ideas for Antarctic mottos until the 1 December of the year before (so the deadline is Antarctica Day itself!). We think that a unique and creative slogan and matching logo-like graphics of Antarctica Day can be a memorable and recognizable tool to define a topic that the APECS community can follow along the following year. Also, this motto will be used as the benchmark for the upcoming Antarctica Day. So this year,  your submission may define the motto of Antarctica Day 2022! We have a few general criteria for submissions:

Design by Marlen Kolbe

1) It should be clearly targeted towards Antarctica only;

2) It should be short and catchy;

3) While we strongly welcome scientific topics, it should also easily catch the public attention and not be too specific.

We would like the visual motto to be an inclusive international effort, so we call for submissions from anyone interested to share their creative talent and design an Antarctica Day slogan and motto. As an example, this year’s slogan is ‘My favourite thing about Antarctica’ (+ logo in the picture below), which, as a start to our new tradition, is very general! 

You can submit your slogan and motto until December 1st 2021 using our Antarctic Visual Motto submission form. Please ensure the filetype of your submission is jpg, png or pdf. 

A showcase of all submissions via Social Media and the Antarctica Day Webinar will follow and precede a public voting. The winner of the contest will be announced by the end of December 2021 and… will be awarded a prize.

The official call for submissions has now started and we are excited to receive your creative contributions!


Rules and Regulations:

Antarctica Day 2021 activities around the world

Find out about all activities happening around the world on our Antarctica Day activties page.

You are organizing an activity that is not listed yet? Just fill out the form below so we can add it to our list of events. If you do have any questions, please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Organizing Committee

Listed alphabetically:

  • Azamat Tolipov, Uzbekistan
  • Deniz Vural (ExCom), Polar Research Institute, The Scientific and Technological Council of Turkey, Turkey
  • Eva Horovcakova, International Polar Foundation, Belgium
  • Geetha Plackal, World Alliance for Planetary Health, India
  • Ioannis Baziotis, Agricultural University of Athens, Greece
  • Katharina Heinrich, University Centre of the Westfjords, Iceland
  • Mareike Bach, University of Groningen, Netherlands
  • Marlen Kolbe, University of Groningen, Netherlands
  • Mathieu Casado (ExCom), University of Heidelberg, Germany
  • Srilakshmi Chidambaram, Indian Polar Research Network, India

Please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with any questions or comments. We are happy to help!

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