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Antarctica Day is celebrated by the international polar community on 1st December to commemorate the signing of the Antarctic Treaty in 1959, which is considered to be one of the most successful achievements of the international community. We enthusiastically encourage our members to organize activities and to communicate with us if you are planning something special to celebrate Antarctica Day.

Antarctica Day Visual Motto for 2023

460 jennifer newall antarctica day 2021 visual mottoBy celebrating Antarctica Day, we increase the awareness of the global importance of the Antarctic continent. In 2021, APECS' Antarctica Day Project Group decided to create a new tradition: an Antarctic visual motto for the upcoming year!

We define an Antarctic visual motto as an image that incorporates 2 elements - a short textual motto and a graphic depiction - to deliver a strong message about Antarctica. We think that a unique and creative slogan and graphics can be a memorable and recognizable tool to define an Antarctic theme. This motto will be used to promote the following year's Antarctica Day. Your submission may define the motto of Antarctica Day 2023! We have a few general criteria for submissions:

1) It should be clearly targeted towards Antarctica only;

2) It should be short and catchy;

3) While we strongly welcome scientific topics, it should also easily catch public attention and not be too specific.

We would like the visual motto to be an inclusive international effort, so we call for submissions from anyone interested to share their creative talent and design an Antarctica Day slogan and motto. Please see last year's contest-winning visual motto by Jennifer Newall as an example (at right).


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