In these times of global upheaval and climate change, we need to work together to reduce the footprint that anthropogenic activity has on the sensitive environments that we work in. Polar science is only made possible through incredible feats of logistics, yet there is always room for improvement. Currently, research ships go out with empty berths, and surplus samples sit for years in storage. The streamlining of logistical operations to reduce these problems is one such way in which we can reduce our collective impact, but this will only be possible through communication- through forging global connections. This is a chance to do that: an opportunity to share opportunities, a chance to talk and work together to achieve more science with less consequence.

This session will feature speakers discussing how and why logistical collaboration is essential in delivering cross-disciplinary, cross-national field projects as well as speakers highlighting ways individual researchers can reduce their own footprints through collaboration.

Convenor: Jack Buckingham

Session 1: August 12th, 08:00 - 10:00 GMT

Session 2: August 13th, 07:00 - 09:00 GMT