Outreach can be a foreign concept to grasp for those that have never been involved in these activities before. These sessions bring established science journalists and outreach scientists to talk us through the challenges, importance and which is the most effective way to do it. The first part of each session is led by the journalists that will talk us through how to engage in outreach using an intermediary. Talks will cover the relationship between scientists and traditional media outlets, how to give interviews and how to share your work through social media in an effective way. The second half brings the leads of science outreach programs and initiatives that will show how scientists can engage with the community directly. They will further discuss the importance of such work and quantify the influence scientific outreach has in the community they are inserted.

Convenors: Natalia Ribeiro and Lisa Craw

Research Communication 1 session (8:00-10:00 GMT)

Research Communication 2 session (22:00-24:00 GMT)

August 11th