panel Victoria 09 copyOrganizing a panel at a conference is one of APECS's most frequent activities. They are a very useful way for young researchers to gain career advice, and to meet some great senior researchers and mentors. And the good thing about them: they are very easy to organize on a low budget!

Every APECS member can set up a panel at a conference and this guide will provide the organizers with step-by-step introduction on how to do it!

Organizing APECS panels at conferences aims to create a forum where participants have the opportunity to meet established polar experts from various fields, early career scientists and post-docs beginning as PIs, and government funding agency representatives, in order to draw inspiration and advice from their experience. This will create an informal venue for participants to make contacts and become actively involved in discussions throughout the conference and beyond.

So how do I get started? Some of the basic questions you have to ask yourself are: