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The session should start with an introduction to APECS by the APECS member organizing the event. We have a generic PowerPoint presentation for this but you don't need to make it that formal – a short summary touching on what APECS is, and what we do enough. Each mentor then introduces him or herself and gives a few pieces of career advice according to your panel topic. Then participants can ask the panelists questions and an open discussion occurs. Make sure there is enough time for questions (at least 30 minutes), and rather have a panelists less than one too many. To keep the panelists on topic and make it an interesting session, make sure to have some questions prepared beforehand. It can be helpful to lead off with a quick but insightful question (e.g. what do you wish you had know about _____ when you started your career?) to keep things on topic from the start. You can use the same questions for all panelists to get a different perspective, or different ones to avoid repetition. To use time effectively, make sure panellists know that not all of them have to answer every question, and as a moderator you should direct questions to particular panellists. It is also a nice idea to have some kind of thank-you gift for the panelists, e.g. Chocolates, APECS cups, etc.

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