In an effort to assure a broad representation of mentors at our events, and to help young researchers around the globe develop relationships with senior mentors, APECS created a database of those people willing to serve as mentors to young researchers in a variety of ways. This may include meeting students at conferences, answering email enquiries and providing general career guidance for young scientists.

The key role played by mentors within APECS is sharing their knowledge and insights with APECS members through personal communication with early-career researchers or through presentations/participation in mentor panel discussions, career development workshop and APECS meetings/symposia. We hope mentors will be approachable; be able to respond to the occasional email, and be happy to comment on ideas or research proposals. However, we also understand that mentors may be unavailable for periods of time and will need to manage these activities in a sustainable way.

To find out more how to find or to become a mentor, please visit the APECS Mentorship Database