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Aradhna Tripati
Assistant Professor
Institute of Environment/Earth and Space Sciences/Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences
Los Angeles
  • Interdisciplinary
paleoceanography, climate, biogeochemistry, carbon cycle
  • Both Polar Regions
  • Global

I grew up in Los Angeles and did a B.Sc. in Geology at California State University, Los Angeles. I then studied at the University of California, Santa Cruz for my Ph.D., and moved to England to postdoc at the University of Cambridge, where I eventually ended up running a small research group for several years. I then spent some time working at Caltech, and now am an Assistant Professor at UCLA.    With respect to my research interests - my research group focuses primarily on the development and application of novel tools to document and understand climate change. We use key intervals in Earth’s past to study the behavior of different systems, employing innovative experimental approaches to turn the geologic record into a rich laboratory for the study of climate processes. Although most of our work is laboratory-based, we also have a field program (which includes doing work in Italy, England, India, the Arctic, and Antarctica!) and do some computer modeling.

  • Mentor Panels
    These panels are held at major international conferences and are coordinated by
    APECS members. Participation involves a 2-3 hour commitment on the day
    of the panel meeting.

  • Career Development Workshop Sessions
    Helping in the coordination and facilitation of sessions at major conferences

  • One-on-One Mentoring
    Email correspondence with APECS members regarding career advice (including
    alternative careers in polar/cryospheric issues), research skills, data
    management and occasional research-specific discussions/questions.

  • Participation in live online discussions
    This will be advertised to all APECS members and will be facilitated by an
    APECS Council or Executive Committee Member. Transcripts will be
    posted online for future reference.

  • Assisting with proposal development

  • In-person meetings/conferences/seminars
  • Online seminars
  • Telephone/Skype conversations
  • American Geophysical Union
  • SCAR Open Science Conferences
  • AGU Chapman Conferences
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