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The 27th International Union of Geodesy and Geophysics (IUGG) General Assembly will be held in July 2019 in Montréal, Canada. 2019 marks the 100th anniversary of IUGG. IACS will host or co-host more than 30 symposia between 9 -13 July, with a wide range of snow and ice topics. See list below.

Waleed Abdalati, University of Colorado, USA, will give the prestigious Union Lecture in Cryospheric Sciences. 

Abstract deadline is 1 March (11:00 UTC+1) 

JC01 – Projecting Sea Level in the 21st Century and Beyond
JC02 – Atmosphere-Ocean-Sea Ice Interactions: Local Processes and Global Implications
JC03 – Mountain Cryosphere Hazards
JC04 – Declining Glaciers and Snow Cover and Their Impacts on Downstream Hydrology
JC05 – Climate Change Impacts on Arctic Snow, Permafrost, Lake and River Ice
JC06 – Is the West Antarctic Ice Sheet Collapsing? - Atmosphere, Ice, And Ocean Interactions
JC07 – Gravity-Driven Flows in the Earth System
JC08 – Coupling Processes between the Atmospheric Boundary-Layer and Snow/Ice Surfaces: Observations & Modelling
JS01 – Cryo seismology
JG01 – Interactions of Solid Earth, Ice Sheets and Oceans

C01 – Glacier Monitoring from In-Situ and Remotely Sensed Observations
C02 – Remote Sensing of the Cryosphere - Into an Era of High-Repeat Rate Time Series
C03 – Advances in Glacier and Ice Cap Modelling
C04 – Progress in Quantifying Ice-Sheet Surface Mass Balance: Past, Present and Future
C05 – Fast Glacier Flow: Processes, Observations and Modelling of Ice Streams, Tidewater Glaciers and Surging Glaciers
C06 – New Frontiers in Paleoclimate Reconstructions and Proxy Interpretations from Ice Cores
C07 – The Hydrological Cycle at High Latitudes: Variability, Changes and Impacts on the Cryosphere
C08 – Tropical Glaciers: Mass Changes, Climate Forcing and Impacts
C09 – Debris Covered Glaciers
C10 – Challenges in Measuring and Modeling Snow Mechanics
C11 – Towards the Development of a World Snow Centre of Excellence?
C12 – Observations and Modeling of Impacts to Snow and Glaciers Due to Deposition of Light-Absorbing Particles
C13 – Advances in the Application of Terrestrial Cosmogenic Nuclides on Glacial Landscapes
C14 – Cryospheric Processes and Related Socioeconomic Services
C15 – 125 Years of the Commission Internationale des Glaciers - Aspects of the History of Cryospheric Sciences

JM08 – Earth System Models: Assessing the Earth System’s State and Fate from Regional to Planetary Scales
JM09 – Satellite Remote Sensing: Vital Information on the Health Of our Planet

JP04 – Past Changes, in the Atmosphere, Oceans and Cryosphere, and their Relevance For Future Climate.
H17 – Advances in Snow Hydrology
H18 – Advances In Remote Observation of Seasonal Snow

Session descriptions with convener teams of the cryospheric symposia are here:


Travel grant to IUGG 2019: IACS and IUGG will together support a large number of travel grants to ena- ble students, other early career sciensts, and a endees from less-a uent countries to come to Montreal. More information is available here:

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