The papers on Vol. 30 No. 3 of Advances in Polar Science (Special Issue: Geology and paleontology of the James Ross Basin, Antarctic Peninsula) are available freely now at

Here is its contents:


Mesozoic and Cenozoic microbiotas from the eastern Antarctic Peninsula: adaptation to a changing palaeoenvironment 165

Paleobiological significance of the James Ross Basin 186

The fossil record of durophagous predation in the James Ross Basin over the last 125 million years

Cretaceous Antarctic plesiosaurs: stratigraphy, systematics and paleobiogeography 210

Late Cretaceous non-avian dinosaurs from the James Ross Basin, Antarctica: description of new material, updated synthesis, biostratigraphy, and paleobiogeography 228

The fossil record of birds from the James Ross Basin, West Antarctica 251

The fossil record of Antarctic land mammals: commented review and hypotheses for future research 274

Eocene Antarctica: a window into the earliest history of modern whales 293



Late Maastrichtian–Paleocene chronostratigraphy from Seymour Island, James Ross Basin, Antarctic Peninsula: Eustatic controls on sedimentation 303


Antarctic Paleontological Heritage: Late Cretaceous–Paleogene vertebrates from Seymour (Marambio) Island, Antarctic Peninsula 328