SCAR is delighted to announce that SCAR 2020 Online has now opened for registration. The conference website ( has also launched now. 

Registration is free and open to all. Please click here to register.

You can view preliminary information on the conference website. Please note that this is still a work in progress. We will update the site on a daily basis. 

SCAR 2020 Online (3-7 August 2020) aims to bring you the highlights of the cancelled Open Science Conference in Hobart. It is more than a live event – it is a collection of opportunities for researchers to engage with each other, and for those outside of research to find out more about this exciting field.

Event Timeline

8 July 2020: Registration opens
13 July 2020: Poster and document upload opens
20 July 2020: Poster and document viewing starts
20 July 2020: Final schedule
3-7 August 2020: SCAR 2020 Online

We hope to see you there!
Catherine Ritz (SCAR Vice President for Science)