The University of Maine is seeking outstanding applicants for a new graduate training program focused on fostering systems perspectives to address the challenges of complex socio-environmental changes in the Arctic. This program is designed to provide the next generation of Arctic system scientists with new competencies and skills to advance understanding of the new Arctic and support improved outcomes in the Arctic and beyond.

This program will include Ph.D., Master’s, and J.D. students in anthropology, earth sciences, freshwater ecology, economics, law, and marine sciences.
The organizers aim to prepare the next generation of Arctic systems scientists to:
1) advance understanding of Arctic/sub- Arctic changes and their local & global effects;
2) conduct solutions-driven research focused on socio- environmental systems and their dynamics;
3) apply models, theories, and visualization tools to integrate across systems and provide transparent access to data and interpretations;
4) develop cross-cultural, indigenous science & cross-disciplinary perspectives on emerging environmental, economic, and cultural issues;
5) develop and conduct interdisciplinary, collaborative research with stakeholders to foster resilience of Arctic/sub-Arctic systems;
6) inform future Arctic policy;
7) effectively & rapidly communicate results geared to different audiences.
The larger system of southwest Greenland, the Arctic-North Atlantic, & Maine is the focus of research and training activities in this NRT; all students will have the opportunity to travel to the Arctic for program activities.
Students in this program will receive an annual stipend plus tuition, fees, and health insurance coverage. Students must be U.S. citizens or permanent residents to receive NRT support.
To apply:
1-Review the SAUNNA NRT website ( to determine if the theme of the program matches your interests and goals.
2-Contact one of the SAUNNA NRT faculty (see website), discuss your interests with them, and make a decision together on whether to apply.
3-Submit the following to the SAUNNA NRT program office (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) with the subject line “SAUNNA-NRT [last name] application”:

For full consideration, submit all documents no later than January 15, 2021 for the following academic year. Any questions about this program should be sent to the SAUNNA NRT Project Director, Dr. Jasmine Saros, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.