SCAR logo white backgroundStrategies for Antarctic Ice sheet simulations and paleo data-model comparison

The INStabilities & Thresholds in ANTarctica (INSTANT) is a Scientific Research Programme of SCAR that aims to quantify the Antarctic ice sheet contribution to past and future sea-level change. This type of program has the capacity to organise workshops and other collaborative activities.

There is a need to discuss strategies of ice sheet models simulations within INSTANT and we propose a group to do so. It could be an across theme subcommittee of INSTANT but several points, especially data-model and paleo-climate, could be tagged as "Hub discussion" (platform of interactions between themes) because they really involve other communities than ice sheet modellers. This group should be also connected to the expert group ISMASS (Ice sheets mass balance and Sea level). We would like to know who is interested in getting involved in this group.

The objective is to define best pratices on how to implement ice sheet simulations in order to compare simulations between each others and with data. This is a necessary step to make simulations of the past a reliable way to reduce uncertainty for the future. We recognize that there are several ice sheet models types and several model/data approaches. It is important to ensure that all these approaches feed into each other along the duration of INSTANT instead of running in parallel.

The points that should be discussed within this group (non exhaustive)

- Databases and approaches for Model-data comparison

- Strategies for simulations.

- Should we consider intercomparison experiments (paleoicemip) ? There are on-going ISMIP6 and later ISMIP7, MISOMIP, …. How to be complementary without too much overlap ?

Who to contact: At least at the beginning: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.