The aim of this Special Issue of remote sensing is to compile the latest developments in AVHRR pre-processing (calibration, geo-coding) and ECV retrieval. This considers regional time series based on Local Area Coverage (LAC) data in 1.1 km in nadir but also global applications using Global Area Coverage (GAC) data in 4 km spatial resolution. The main focus is on the retrieval and validation of time series related to the following ECVs: Lakes, snow cover, glaciers and ice caps, ice sheets, permafrost, albedo, land cover (including vegetation type), fraction of absorbed photosynthetically active radiation (FAPAR), leaf area index (LAI), above-ground biomass, soil carbon, and fire disturbance. Additionally, papers describing new retrieval methods for the above-mentioned ECVs resulting in improved accuracy, which has to be documented with sound validation procedure are welcome. Furthermore, authors of methodological papers focusing on novel approaches to determine the uncertainty of the retrieved products are encouraged to submit their work, too.

Dr. Stefan Wunderle
Guest Editor

Deadline for manuscript submissions: 7 December 2018

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