455 Katharina Heinrich Poster Antarctic FAQ Podcast and HandbookAntarctica Day x PolarTimes 

In celebration of Antarctica Day 2021, a special episode of the APECS Podcast Polar Times was released on 1 December 2021. Within this episode, Jack Buckingham, Azamat Tolipov and Katharina Heinrich answered questions about Antarctica that were submitted by K-12 students. In addition, a FAQ Handbook is being prepared, which provides answers to all submitted questions and includes amazing artwork and designs of the Antarctic environment and species by Autun Purser (Alfred-Wegener Institute) and Bronte Harrison (University Centre of the Westfjords). With these efforts this years’ Antarctica Day Project Group aimed to create a resource that brings Antarctica closer to young students and serves as a basic information tool to increase awareness and interest about the frozen continent. 

Stay tuned for the release of the FAQ Handbook, which will be available as a free pdf and make sure to follow the PolarTimes Podcast, to not miss out on our Antarctica Day Special Episode or any other episodes. 

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