apecs logo webCanada GooseAPECS and the manufacturer of extreme-weather outerwear, Canada Goose®, teamed up to highlight the work done by polar early career researchers and to keep them warm during the Where does your Goose take you? program.

A competition was organized in Spring 2014 where APECS and Canada Goose® were looking for APECS members doing field work in the Arctic or the Antarctic during 2014/15. In total APECS received 56 applicants for the 'Where does your goose take you' program.

Each selected Where does your Goose take you? participant were given a Canada Goose® Expedition Jacket. The winners were:

Their task was to write two blog entries throughout the year, highlighting their polar research (science program, field sites, travel, workshops, field courses etc.). Participants also worked with the project coordinators to select photos from all participants that will be used to highlight their research locations on an interactive map.

Join us in following these Arctic and Antarctic early career researchers on the Where Your Goose Takes You page!