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The polar regions of our planet contain some of the most diverse ecosystems in the world. These ecosystems support a rich array of life, both human and non-human, on both ends of the globe. Whether it's in the Arctic or Antarctic, scientists from all over the world are working together to increase our knowledge of the cryosphere and its inhabitants. It is for this spirit of international cooperation and the excitement of scientific discovery that the APECS proudly supports International Polar Week.

International Polar Week is an opportunity for APECS to promote polar science. APECS uses this opportunity to plan & develop polar science related activities alongside teachers, educators and those interested in polar education for the equinoxes of each year. The equinoxes in March and September are the only time when everywhere on earth the day length is 12 hours, a perfect opportunity to celebrate the poles on a global scale!

March 14-20, 2016 was the Fall International Polar Week 2015! We wanted to celebrate on a global scale by focusing on the science being conducted in the Arctic and Antarctic. Inspired by the many great things that came out of the International Polar Year celebrations, we hope that the bi-annual Polar Week celebration will link people in polar science and polar education.

Winners of the APECS International Polar Week Photo Contest 2016

Thank you for all the great submissions to the APECS International Polar Week Photo Contest 2016! After all the votes are in, we are happy to announce the three winners:

1st Prize: Adrian Dahood (George Mason University, United States)

Gentoo penguins porpoising, Antarctic Sound, Antarctica, January 14, 2013

Photo Contest 2016 Dahood Gentoos AntarcticSound January 14 2013

2nd Prize: Nathaniel B Dkhar (The Energy and Resources Institute, India)

Photo was take at East Rathong Glacier, West Sikkim District, Sikkim, India on 25th June 2013. We had gone to support a local government institution start their monitoring of the glacier. Unfortunately, the equipment required was not available with them and we got to know only once we reached the base camp. So the couple of us who had to climb up to 5100 masl had to use cotton rope for make shift "crampons". It helped to get some traction and the best part was we had to use our umbrellas as ice axes. It seems funny now but it wasn't then.

Photo Contest 2016 Nathaniel B Dkhar 1 small copy

3nd Prize: Francoise Amélineau (University of Montpellier, France)

October 2011, Dumont d'Urville Station, Antarctica
Curious Emperor penguins coming close to my robot fitted with acoustic devices to record their calls.

Photo Contest 2016 Francoise Amelineau photo1 small

Spring 2016 Polar Week Activities

Events for Spring Polar Week 2016
Name of Event Description of Event Date/Time Location
Dutch Polar Day

Lectures and information about The North and South pole, invited speakers, posters and information about APECS.

12/05/2016 Leiden, Netherlands
Climate Change Science and Communication 

PEI Master Class International.
Speakers: Paolo Gabrielli, Jason Cervenec, Alessia Cicconi Byrd Polar and Climate Research Center at the Ohio State University (USA)

Climatic change is one of the main topics of present-day scientific research but it is also one of the most debatable one in the media with a “not scientific” approach. How can scientists state that climate is changing? And which “time machines” enable them to reconstruct the climate of the past?

23/02/2016 and 25/02/2016 online event
 "The italian polar explorer Silvio Zavatti. His story, his museum" Speaker: Maria Pia Casarini. Director of Istituto Geografico Polare "Silvio Zavatti". Fermo. Italy

The meeting is organized from the group of high school students of the project RESEt : a class at the Svalbard and in collaboration with PEI (Polar Educators International)

18/03/2016  Rovereto. Trento, Italy
APECS-Canada - Polar Week in Nunavut  Movie nights (15 & 17 March 2016) and poster session at Nunavut Arctic College (18 March 2016).  15-18/03/2016 Iqaluit, Nunavut, Canada
Curating @RealScientists Sammie, one of the UK Polar Network presidents will be curating the @RealScientists twitter account, talking about polar related science all week. 14-20/03/2016 Online
Polar Educators International Polar 5K Run/Walk 2016

Global/Virtual 5K Run/Walk Join the 2016 Polar Run/Walk on the Equinox!

Send a photo on your race day!
@PolarEducators #PolarRun2016

19/03/2016  Various
Young researchers portraits  We ask 5 different classes to create the portrait of 5 young researchers working in different fields. Each portrait will then be published each day of the Polar Week and will allow the researcher to give more visibility on his work in "kids" worlds. 14/05/2016  Online
APECS/ BOTES Antarctic Quiz The March Bottom of the Earth Society (BOTES) event will be an Antarctic Quiz, presented in conjunction with APECS Oceania. Open to all those at the Institute for Marine and Antarctic Studies (IMAS). 18/03/2016 Hobart, Australia
Remote Wildlife Camera Lessons in Canada's Western Arctic Throughout International Polar Week, adult Inuvialuit and Gwich'in students at the Learning Centre (Aurora College) in Inuvik, Northwest Territories, Canada will get to learn about remote wildlife cameras and their importance to research within Canada's Western Arctic. Parks Canada and Aurora College have teamed up to deliver this exciting project to local learners. During several hands-on lessons, students will get to analyse the images coming from various cameras set up within Ivvavik National Park by "tagging" wildlife (just like facebook!). The wildlife captured by these cameras include Grizzly Bears, Grey Wolves, Red/Cross Foxes and the beloved Porcupine Caribou herd. March 14-17 2016 Inuvik Canada
Film Screening: I am a mountain, to measure impermanence by Hanna Ljungh Screening of the Hanna Ljungh’s film work, I am a mountain, to measure impermanence, which features the southern peak of Kebnekaise, where a team of scientists gather samples and measure the effects of the rapidly melting mountain glacier over the course of a single day in 2015. 15/04/2016 Stockholm, Sweden
Tweet storm Tweet your polar thesis in 40 xters or less on @ehPECS #PolarWeek ! 14-18/04/2016 Canada
Guest Bloggers at Science Borealis We will have two guest bloggers during Polar Week on the Canadian science blog Science Borealis : 14-18/04/2016 Canada
School webinars on polar science All over Canada, in French and English, we will be presenting the polar world as we know it to school classes for Polar Week via classroom webinars. 14-18/04/2016 Canada
Arctic Science Summit Week

The Arctic Summit Science Week 2016 is streaming parts of their meeting! Check here for future streaming dates and times:

15-18/04/2016 Online from Fairbanks, Alaska
Leeds Climate Festival UKPN will be at the Leeds Science Festival on the Monday 21st March 2016, and running a series of workshops highlighting polar climate change. This is the first time the UKPN have visited Leeds, and we are looking forward to running our workshop and seeing new faces. Our workshop, titled ‘Pole to Pole: Life at the ends of the Earth’ will feature small experiments designed to teach school pupils of all ages about climate change, sea level rise, ocean acidification and albedo. Modern polar exploration clothing will also be available for workshop attendees to dress up in! The workshop will end with a Q&A session, giving the audience a chance to ask the UKPN committee running the event, all the questions they have about living, eating, cooking and sleeping in the snowy climates. 21/03/2016 Leeds, UK
Flakes, Blobs, & Bubbles! (Polar Science Lesson with Activity) Celebrate International Polar Week with PEI and APECS, with this science art activity, developed by Dr. Heidi A. Roop & Dr. Dan Zwartz at Victoria University of Wellington. Explore how ice sheets and glaciers form, and learn about why and how scientists study ice. As students learn about ice formation, they will also be creating 'ice' art. Collected art will be integrated into global ice mosaics posted here throughout Polar Week. Members of APECS graciously translated this activity into over 20 languages so we could create a truly global initiative!

Download the activity and resources from (20+ languages available!)

Send all art in pdf format to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and join the community discussion on the PEI website at (must be a PEI member on the website to join the discussion). If you are already a member, login; click on “Remember Me” when you login. If you have forgotten your username or password, email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

4-20/03/2016 Anywhere
Antarctica Explorers Club membership drive

Apply for FREE membership by completing and sending in the form at
Members receive a membership button, a signed bookmark, and their name listed on the webpage.

14/03/2016 online (Birmingham, Alabama)
Polar week film screening Film screening "Greenland is the melting point" Wednesday 16.3.2016 17:00 and slide show of polar fieldwork photos afterwards. 16/03/2016 Helsinki, Finland
Celebrating the International Polar Week

At Escola Sant Gregori, we're celebrating the International Polar Week at all educational levels:
- Highschool: talk by Prof. Dr. Jaume Calvet (Antarctic researcher, University of Barcelona) on the Poles.
- Secondary School: observing Antarctic diatoms under the microscope and decorating our class with self-made diatom drawings, plus attending a talk about Antarctica from an APECS-Spain member.
- Primary School: talk on Antarctic benthic invertebrates (science class) and manufacturing an Antarctic benthic community with recycled materials (arts class).

10/03/2016 - 01/04/2016 Barcelona, Spain

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