For this upcoming Polar Week we are specifically highlighting how we are living in a #PolarWorld, where issues happening in the poles affect everyone on the globe. To help promote #PolarWorld, and polar research in general, we will release a series of blog posts during Polar Week. We want to discuss some of the key issues happening in the poles that are affecting the globe, talk about international collaborations and conducting research internationally, and help raise awareness about some of the international activities APECS is a part of.

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Many thanks to the authors of the blogs for contributing to this series, including many APECS National Committees! Look for a release of one blog post a day during Polar Week!


September 18: Polar Issues are Global Issues
September 19: Scientists All Over the World
September 20: People of the Poles
September 21: International Polar Policy
September 22: Fun Friday - Research Stories
September 23: How You Can Get Involved
September 24: Polar Scientists of Tomorrow

Visit the Polar Week Blog page to read the blogs.