October 1, 2019

An army was needed to ready all of the equipment for deployment. There was lots of activity on the aft deck, forward hold and the dry lab. Teamwork helped to get all of the instruments tested, calibrated and arranged for deployment. Doing as much of the work as possible on the shelter of the ship was important to reduce the installation time on the ice, where conditions were more difficult and time ran short. Walking outside, you could always offer a helping hand. Even the simple act of holding wires for someone to tape together was of great help as the cold temperatures made fine motor work difficult. 

Rosalie McKay MOSAiC Ambassador Blog 6 Oct 1 1 credits to Rosalie McKayRosalie McKay MOSAiC Ambassador Blog 6 Oct 1 2 credits to Rosalie McKay

Assembling and testing a CTDs so that they were ready for deployment as soon as a suitable ice floe was found and work could begin on the ice (© Rosalie McKay).

Rosalie McKay MOSAiC Ambassador Blog 6 Oct 1 3 credits to Rosalie McKay 

Snow buoys at sunrise (© Rosalie McKay).