Since the completion of the IPY EOC Assessment the committee has been working at spreading the word about the project and what we learned. Below you will find a list of presentaions (both talks and posters) that committee members have given at a number of international conferences.

Here is a list of presentations about the IPY EOC Assessment Project:

Provencher JF, Baseman JL, Carlson D, Timm K (2011). The IPY Education, Outreach and Communication Assessment: How IPY is shaping the future of science outreach (invited talk). AGU, San Francisco, US.

Provencher JF, Baseman JL, Carlson D (2011). Cool Ideas and Advice for Effective Education and Outreach (poster). ICSU General Assembly Meeting, Rome, Italy.

Provencher JF, Baseman JL, Carlson D (2011). Lessons learned from science communication during the latest IPY (talk). Arctic Frontiers, Tromsø, Norway.

Bold indicates presenter.