ipy logoThe latest International Polar Year (2007-2009; IPY) was a huge success in many ways with education, outreach and communication (EOC) an important part of that success. After the close of IPY there were many lessons to learn from the numerous EOC efforts that took place around the globe. Recognizing IPY EOC as an important area that the world of science could learn from Jenny Baeseman (APECS) and Dave Carlson (UNAVCO, formerly IPY IPO) spearheaded an inventory and assessment of the IPY EOC activites conducted in 2010 and 2011

In total over 550 prjects were inventoried in over 70 countries. Activities, projects and programmes spanned the globe in more than 25 languages. The results of this study are the only known inventory and assessment of global IPY EOC activities to date. You can view the various project products below including a serachable database of all the activities (the Polar Outreach catalogue) and the formal ICSU report.

You can view the project results on our archived project website