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logo contaminantsThe Arctic and Antarctic are “early warning messengers” for global processes, in particular for the environmental impact of current-use and emerging contaminants. Despite little to no industrial sources, the existence of persistent environmental contaminants in polar ecosystems has been known for a long time. However, we still know little about their sources, transport and health effects.

Research on these topics in Arctic and Antarctic organisms, along with spatial and temporal assessments, is very important for the industry, such as fisheries, environmental organisations, such as AMAP, EPA and the UNEP's Stockholm Convention, as well as for northern indigenous populations who subsist on traditional foods.

The Area of Research on “Contaminants in the Polar Regions” encompasses research on the sources, transport and fate of contaminants, their toxicity and health effects, bioaccumulation and biomagnification in polar species, exposure processes, as well as emerging topics such as the synergistic effects of contaminants and other stressors, such as climate change.

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Three webinars on Contaminants in the Polar Regions.


Finding the appropriate journal to send your research results to, or reading up on your particular research interest is sometimes a tough task. In this section we have composed a list of the most well-known journals that cover pollutant studies.


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