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Juan Hofer pictureSouthern University of Chile / IDEAL research center, Chile

My name is Juan Höfer and I am greeting you from a cloudy and rainy city in Chile, Valdivia. I got my PhD. in biological oceanography at the Oviedo University (Spain). During those years, I worked in temperate and sub-tropical seas, studying plankton, especially spatial distributions, population ecology and its role in pelagic trophic webs (i.e. energy and matter fluxes). Two years ago, I moved to the south of Chile as a post-doctoral researcher at the Southern University of Chile and the IDEAL research center. Since then, my research has drifted south and further south (from Northern Patagonia to Southern Patagonia) until I reached Antarctica in summer 2017. Now, and until 2021, I will study the present and future role of Salpa thompsoni and Euphausia superba in the pelagic carbon fluxes of the Western Antarctic Peninsula as the main focus of my post-doctoral project. The drift of my research towards southern latitudes brought me to APECS and shortly after to its council. Joining APECS has been a great experience for me and I would like to be in the next ExCom to help in providing new interesting opportunities for ECRs.

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