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APECS ExCom 2014-2015The APECS Executive Committee (ExCom) assures the directions and goals of the organization. The ExCom sets the budget for the organization, approves and oversees the Executive Director, makes decisions on the approval of new projects and Council members, and represents APECS at events around the world. Being a member of Executive Committee is the highest level of involvement in APECS and gives its members the opportunity to enhance their skills and experience on this dynamic committee, as well as put their own individual mark on the administration and future promotion of our unique polar organisation.

The ExCom is composed of 5 positions, elected by the Council. The President is elected from within the ExCom. All other members of the ExCom are considered Vice-Presidents of APECS and carry the responsibilities of any organizational Vice President. The term of an ExCom member is generally one year, with the expectation that there will be times of rolling amounts of activity based on fieldwork schedules and other normal time constraints for early career researchers. If you wish to run for ExCom, but know you can only put 6 months of devoted time into it, this may also be acceptable but will need to be discussed with the current ExCom before your nomination is accepted. The ExCom meets via Skype Conference calls every two weeks, and when possible in person at meetings throughout the year.

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To give you a better idea of the role that our ExCom members have within APECS, here are a few frequently asked questions:

APECS Executive Committee Charter

The APECS Executive Committee is responsible for guiding the organization, helping to set priorities, and make sure we are working closely with partners to help our members. The Charter outlines the tasks and responsibilities of the APECS Executive Committee. The APECS Executive Committee Charter was first created and approved by the 2008-2009 APECS Executive Committee and last updated by the 2016-2017 APECS Executive Committee

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