The Executive Committee is a rewarding, very high-paced and work-intensive committee, and its members must be willing and able to contribute actively throughout their term on a daily basis (except of course during e.g. field work, exam periods, holidays) via emails and attend the online ExCom calls every two weeks. This is why we require applicants to meet certain criteria:


Please note that for the work on the APECS Executive Committee a good background knowledge of our APECS activities, projects and internal processes is required as one of your roles will be to mentor and advise our many committees, project groups and other activities. If you have not been actively involved in APECS before, we strongly recommend that you gain some experience on our APECS Council or National Committees first before applying for the Executive Committee. Applications for our APECS Council are accepted until 31 July 2020. To get involved in the APECS National Committees, please contact their leaderships.