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As APECS has grown continuously and rapidly over the past 5 years, we recognize that it is time to develop a sustainable funding plan to help ensure the success of APECS for many years to come. As part of this effort, we have developed a Code of Conduct when it comes to accepting donations and contributions from various groups.

Further to the APECS Rules of Procedure, ratified by the APECS Council in May 2008, we are providing herewith guidelines for accepting donations as suggested in 5.1.3. Having a series of donation guidelines are important to guide our decisions and will help reduce the risk of accepting a donation that could have a negative affect on APECS' reputation in the future.

Members of APECS have a deep appreciation for the Polar Regions. We confirm our responsibility and interest making our research accessible and relevant to society, respecting and safeguarding the environment and cultures of the Polar Regions, being mindful of the implications and consequences of our professional actions, and being fair and ethical in the course of our work. These guidelines are broad in their scope and have been developed in consultation with members of the APECS Advisory Committee and the APECS Norge Board Members. The APECS Directorate should consider any potential donation in consultation with the Executive Committee and the Board Members of APECS Norge and other boards APECS may create to establish non-profit status in other countries.


Accepting Donations
In raising funds, we will accurately describe our activities and needs. A donation shall not be accepted if it could compromise the independence of APECS.

The decision whether to accept a donation will be made on a case by case basis, but APECS will not knowingly accept funding or assistance from a company, business or individual that profits from illegal activities or fails to uphold basic human rights within its sphere of influence.

Use of Donations
Funds derived from donations accepted by APECS shall be used in accordance with the agreements made with the donors. Some donations (gifts in kind) may be given as goods or services. All donations should further APECS' mission.

Donations sought indirectly, such as through third parties, should be solicited and received in full conformity with our own practices. This will normally be the subject of written agreement between the parties.

Details of all donations, gifts, grants and other resources from external sources, and their use, will be published in the APECS annual reports and accounts, making plain the valuation and auditing methods used.

This document was modified from our partner organization, the Scientific Committee on Antarctic Research's Donation Guidelines.

APECS Council members present for the vote: 25 Yes, 0 No
Allen Pope, Angelika Renner, Gerlis Fugmann, Silje-Kristin Jensen, Julia Schmale, Yulia Zaika, Jenny Fisher, Matt Strzelecki, Punyasloke Bhadury, Rosa Thorisdottir, Alexey Pavlov, Oliver Marsh, Eleanor Darlington, Penelope Wagner, Alex Taylor, Inga May, Nikolas Sellheim, Sílvia Lourenço, Claudia Maturana, Bryany Denning, Mariette Wheeler, Suhas Shetye, Francisco Fernandoy, Kim Jochum, Tosca Ballerini

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