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Within any organization, it is important to have a process whereby members may voice their concerns regarding the behaviour of other members or the organization as a whole, while protecting individuals in leadership positions from receiving excessive abuse. All persons wishing to put forward a request for an internal evaluation in regards to APECS should, if at all possible, first attempt to solve the problem with the person(s) or committee this evaluation is directed towards. Only if this is not possible, or if such attempts fail, should an Internal Evaluation be requested. This document outlines the procedure to raise concerns in order to prompt an Internal APECS Evaluation.


Individuals wishing to put forward a formal complaint towards any APECS member, committee, working group, or the organization as a whole must follow the following process:

  • Fill out the Internal Evaluation Request form outlining their grievance(s);
  • Submit any evidence to substantiate the claim(s); and
  • Submit the form to the Internal Evaluation Committee, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Please note that this email address goes directly to the committee, and not to the Director or Executive Committee.


Submitted Internal Evaluation Request forms will be reviewed by the Internal Evaluation Committee, which is comprised of ex-officio APECS Council members. The Committee members are people who have previously held leadership roles within APECS and have an understanding of how APECS works, but hold an objective perspective, as they are no longer actively involved in running the organization. The Internal Evaluation Committee will review the request, and any evidence submitted, in addition to hearing from all involved persons. Reviews will typically take one month unless the urgency of the matter requires a substantially faster response.


It is up to the discretion of the Internal Evaluation Committee to determine a course of action.
a) Possible outcomes in case of a complaint towards an APECS member:

  • Allegations found to be unwarranted, claim dismissed;
  • A warning to the member addressed in the evaluation request;
  • Temporary suspension from council/committee/working group etc.;
  • Reversal of any decision(s) that prompted the evaluation; and/or
  • Removal from council/committee/working group etc.
  • Other

b) Possible outcomes in case of a complaint towards a Working Group/Committee

  • Finding allegations unwarranted, claim dismissed;
  • A warning to the working group/committee addressed in the evaluation submission;
  • Reversal of any decision(s) that prompted the evaluation; and/or
  • Dissolution of the working group/committee
  • Other

Actions for complaints towards APECS as a whole depend on the nature of the complaint and might involve, among others, changes in the organisational structure (with approval of Council), alteration of decisions at stake, and revocation or alteration of any documents that might be the reason for the complaints.

If the decision involves removing a person from office, the IEC summarizes the complaint, the available evidence, and the recommended outcome and then sends that information to the Council for a vote of no confidence, per the ROP.


After the review has been completed and the decision/action has been implemented, both parties have up to one month to appeal the decision. This appeal must be a maximum of one page in writing outlining why the course of action is unjust.

Click here to download the document outlining the Internal Evaluations Procedure, and here to download the Internal Evaluations Request Form

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