Association of Polar Early Career Scientists

Nikolaus Gantnter at AMAP Meeting 2 2If you’re an APECS member looking to get a representative position, you should make sure your profile is up to date. You can update your profile by following the “Update your APECS profile” link at the bottom of APECS emails sent around. Some opportunities are sent to targeted parts of the APECS mailing lists that most closely match the requirements for the position.

Positions where early career researchers are needed for a committee, meeting or project are open to all APECS members. For meetings, depending on the funding situation, positions are advertised to all members or just to members close to the meeting location.

Positions representing APECS usually go to members of the APECS leadership. If you are interested in these types of positions, join the leadership at the national (national committee leaderships) and/or international level (ExCom or Council).

When you do see an advertisement for a position that you’re interested in, send in the required application on time and with all of the required materials. Complete and on-time applications will be given preference over those that are submitted late or are missing components. If there are specific questions in the advertisement, include the answers in your statement of interest.

The details on how APECS advertises opportunities and selects representatives are available on our representative selection page.

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