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The following text outlines the procedures through which representative positions are filled. APECS strives to maintain transparency and fairness in nominating members to representative positions. Representative positions do vary slightly with the partner organizations, and in certain circumstances the process may vary slightly as well. This text was prepared in effort to clearly communicate the standard process by which APECS members are notified of and nominated for representative positions.

Representative Selection

Announcing opportunities

The above flowchart shows how opportunities for APECS members to work with other organizations are advertised. There are exceptions to these, which are discussed below, based on the urgency of filling a position or the specifics of the request from a partner organization. Opportunities will be advertised as widely as is sensible, but that depends on the nature of the position and the best interests of APECS. Discipline, country, and regional focus subsets of the APECS email list will be used, so APECS members are encouraged to keep their profiles up to date in order to receive all relevant announcements.

Selecting applicants

Announcements will include the specific application materials that are requested for each opportunity. Typically these consist of a statement of interest, which may include a brief research statement in addition to why the applicant wishes to be considered for the position, and a CV. The statement of interest should not need to be more than about a page in length, though there is no hard limit. There is no page limit for CVs, but applicants are encouraged to not drown the reviewers in irrelevant material.

Currently, APECS ExCom reviews applications for opportunities. Any ExCom members who may be applying are recused. Those reviewing applications make an effort not to review those submitted by friends and close social contacts, though within the small world that is polar sciences that is not always possible.

Applications are evaluated on the following broad criteria:

  1. Relevance of research area to position: Does the applicant have sufficient familiarity with the field to contribute to the committee?
  2. Alignment of applicant’s goals with the partner organization and the specifics of the position.
  3. Strength of CV, keeping in mind career stage.

Geographic/gender/career stage diversity is considered. APECS strives to balance the need for effective representation with the awareness that someone who has had more opportunity will likely have a stronger CV than someone with less. Applicants who have not been named to another representative position in the last year will be given priority over those who have.

APECS and ECR representatives

Most opportunities advertised through APECS are for meeting- or event-related committees. For these, there is a fixed duration of the position. Representatives are expected to report back to APECS once per six months, and then at the conclusion of the position.

For opportunities that are undefined in length, such as positions on steering committees, the term limit is two years unless otherwise specified by APECS or the partner organization.

Representatives (both ECR and APECS) are required to report back to APECS according to the instructions provided on the reporting form available on the Representatives page on the website.

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