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The APECS Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) Project Group has curated a repository of resources based on their relevance to the APECS community and others working in polar regions. We have included resources specifically related to polar research in addition to more general resources with insight on STEM, academia, and fieldwork. These resources are grouped into one or more of the following categories: Safety in science, Gender, LGBTQIA+, Ethnicity, Parenthood, Indigenous communities, Disability, Community Guidelines, Networks. We welcome suggestions for additions to our resource repository. Any further questions can be directed to


The DEI Project Group collaborated with the Scientific Committee on Antarctic Research (SCAR) to organise two workshops, facilitated by THRIVE Lifeline, in December 2023 to address three main topics: understanding intrinsic bias and how to challenge our biases, what microaggressions are and how to be an active and effective bystander. Following the workshops, three PDF resources on the topics covered in the workshops were developed.

Recognising microaggressions can be difficult. This resource will help you to know what is a microaggression in the workplace, how to identify it and the impacts that it can have on the person. 

Download this resource here.

Eroding biases
We all have some form of prejudice when we encounter or deal with different situations. This is based on our intrinsic bias, and knowing our biases allows us to actively and effectively change our thoughts and actions to benefit those around us.

Download this resource here.

Bystander Intervention
Knowing when to participate in bystander intervention safely and effectively can help those around you who experience microaggressions and put systems and policies in place to reduce the chances of others experiencing the same. 

Download this resource here.



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