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Many of us work on quite specialised topics but it is important to be aware of what is happening in other disciplines and as research is increasingly inter-disciplinary there is a lot of information to take in!

The APECS Research Activities Committee aims to provide information for all of us to keep up with the latest research from all fields of polar science and on ways we can share our new discoveries with each other. Below you will find information on our activities. If you have comments or suggestions, please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

What do you find in the APECS Research section?

APECS Projects
APECS projects are longer-term projects for which APECS has received dedicated funding from outside sources, as well as projects where APECS is involved as a major partner or contributor. They often include workshops, events and influence wider polar policy.

Member Research Areas
One of the great opportunities that APECS presents for young researchers is its ability to connect students of the same, or similar disciplines, as well as motivate students who might have an interest in broadening their academic spectrum into new fields of research. These pages have been put together by APECS members to showcase their particular research area. You will find a concise summary of what the research area is about followed by information on key resources (books, journals etc.) and in some cases webinar links where you can learn more about the topic direct from the experts! APECS members have also set up discipline specific email lists.

Virtual Posters
This is a searchable archive of posters created by APECS members. Click here to start exploring the wealth of research and here to add and share your own work.

Research Highlights
Have you recently published and want to share your article or have you read a new paper that you think has cross-disciplinary relevance? Then please add these papers to the research highlights database!

Academic Journals
Here you will find a list of the key journal titles publishing research related to polar regions.

Data Management
A vast amount of information is being collected which is only useful for future scientists if it is properly managed and archived. The majority of funding organisations now require clear data management policies as a condition of funding. This section explains the importance of metadata and provides links to data management guidelines and to existing databases of relevance to polar researchers.

Who's who in Polar Research
Your essential guide to all those acronyms!

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