Association of Polar Early Career Scientists


1J8A7031 1 KopieThe APECS Council is the larger of the two leadership committees of APECS. It is contributes to the smooth implementation of APECS activities
 and links APECS to current research activities, polar research communities, and international science groups
. It also ensures the sharing of information from various research areas and partner organizations. The Council operates based on the APECS Council Charter

Council members are involved in many activities: Project Group Leaders organize events and activities for early career researchers around the world; they are engaged in several Project Groups; the Council members shape the future of APECS together with the Executive Committee and the Directorate by helping to plan the directions, goals and objectives of our organization; they serve as representative of an international community; and they help to keep our members updated on new results in polar research! Because they are active leaders, they often get opportunities to represent APECS at important conferences and meetings and are recognized by senior leaders in their field.

The Council is currently being restructured. For the new term staring 1 October 2021, there will be three categories of members on the APECS Council:

  • Council Leaders (Council Co-Chairs, National Committee Coordinators, Social Media Coordinators)
  • Project Group Leaders; and
  • Representatives from APECS National Committees and organizational members of APECS i.e., partner organizations

View the members of the current Council below. Several past leaders of APECS continue to serve our organization as ex-officio members of the Council to advice the Council members and its activities. You can also find the list of members of our past Councils below since the creation of APECS.

The Council meets via online calls every two months throughout the year and you can read the summaries of the Council meetings to stay updated on projects and activities the Council is working on.

Also part of the Council is the APECS Executive Committee

Picture: APECS Leadership and National Committee members at the APECS World Summit in June 2018. 

APECS Council 2021-2022 - Council Leadership

Council co-Chairs


National Committee Coordinators


Social Media Coordinators

APECS Council 2021-2022 - Project Group Leader

APECS Council 2021-2022 - Representatives of APECS National Committees

Past APECS Councils since term 2020-2021

Past APECS Councils until term 2019-2020

APECS Council Charter

The APECS Council charter was ammended October 2016 to reflect revised roles for National Committee Representatives on the Council. 

Rights and Responsibilities of Council Members
Approved 1 February 2011
Updated and amended unanimously by the 2015-2016 APECS Council on 18 September 2016

Updated and amended by the 2016-2017 APECS Council on 17 October 2016

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