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MOSAiC School Impro by Dave CostaTwenty highly enthusiastic, and through the MOSAiC School 2019 well trained early career polar researchers will engage with public outreach and science communication during the full year of the MOSAiC project. Please see their projects here!

You can follow their activities along on a special MOSAiC Ambassadors’ Journal twitter channel moderated by MOSAiC School 2019 participant Marylou Athanase.



MOSAiC School 2019 (Photo credits to Dave Costa, CIRES)

Neil Aellen

Lectures with experiments in a museum and media interviewsAellen Neil MOSAiC School 2019 credits to Katie Gavenus

Neil is giving regular public lectures at the Museum focusTerra of the Dpt. of Earth Sciences including experiments on physical phenomena. Further on, Neil has reaches out to media outlets together with his MOSAiC Ambassadors' colleague Mauro.


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Marylou Athanase

MOSAiC Ambassadors Journal on Twitter & school workshops

The MOSAiC Ambassadors Journal twitter channel (@MOSAiC_embassy) aims to share regular updates on all MOSAiC-related outreach activities. Additionally, Marylou hosted workshops in a French school, bringing key information about MOSAiC and the Arctic to young students.

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Sam Cornish

Sam Cornish MOSAiC School 2019Mini podcasts

Sam made a series of interviews onboard the Akademik Fedorov and is now weaving those interviews togethers into mini podcasts, with the aim of bringing the science of MOSAiC to life in audio!

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Lisa Craw

Encouraging young women to study polar scienceLisa Craw

Polar exploration has historically been filled with stern bearded men, but it doesn’t have to be that way! Lisa has travelled to high schools throughout Sydney to tell young women about her experiences in polar science, and encourage them to follow their science dreams too.

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Francesca Doglioni

Talks and experiments to think about "Earth Science, MOSAiC and Climate Change"Francesca Doglioni

How do we study our Planet? Why does the Earth have now fever? What is climate change and how can we understand it? With the help of stories from her MOSAiC adventure, some lab materials and a lot of enthusiasm, Francesca aimed at providing students with tools to answer these questions themselves.

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Anika Happe

Production of Expedition Video and Q&A for Kids in short Video

Profile photo of Anika, credits to Pierre PriouAnika Happe has developed two projects. The first project is an expedition video which summarizes the most beautiful and important moments of the journey. The other project includes talks at schools as well as a series of short Q&A videos about the Arctic, MOSAiC expedition and climate change.


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Carolynn (Carrie) Harris

Science and Adventure Education for GirlsHarris_Carrie_MOSAiC_School_2019_credits_to_Pierre_Priou

As a Girl Scout, Carrie developed the confidence and drive to pursue her dream of being a Polar Explorer. She is developing an Arctic Scientist scout patch to teach science and outdoor skills. She loves sharing tales from her Arctic and Antarctic adventures with school groups, in person & virtually!

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Mauro Hermann

EGU GIFT teachers workshop & media outreach
Mauro Hermann MOSAiC School 2019

Mauro Hermann has reached Swiss national TV, local radio stations and together with colleague Neil also university magazines to report on MOSAiC and his personal experience. In collaboration with the German polar teachers, he plans to contribute to the GIFT teachers workshop at the EGU conference.

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Sean Horvath

Educational material and presentations, interviews for website articlesHorvath Sean

Sean Horvath has conducted interviews for website articles and has consulted on course material for an Arctic science MOOC. He is in the process of producing additional educational materials for grade school students and has planned local school visits, as well as presentations at his institution.

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Ewa Korejwo

Talks, interviews, articles and workshops with youthEwa Korejwo MOSAiC School 2019

Ewa Korejwo gives lectures to a diverse audience that includes pupils, students, scientists and the general public. Every talk will be different, but all of them will be about climate change, polar science and of course the MOSAiC project.

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Robbie Mallett

Polar Journal Club Podcast & Online courseRobbie Mallett MOSAiC School 2019

Many research groups around the world meet monthly or even weekly to present scientific papers to each other. Robbie will be running an 'online journal club', interviewing scientists and asking them to explain their paper in an accessible way so that others can better make use of their work.


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Tatiana Matveeva

Lectures and outdoor activities for school childrenTatiana Matveeva Kopie

Tatiana Matveeva's project includes lectures at school where she presents the MOSAiC expedition and scientific background on the Arctic climate system, and explains why it is important, to learn more about it.

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Alex Mavrovic

MOSAiC themed hands-on activities in Native community high schools and talks
Alex Mavrovic

In order to expose Canadian Native community high schools students to science career options, Alex is providing MOSAiC themed hands-on activities. While native students are living where important resources are spent to study the Arctic, they know those environments and could be doing that kind of work as a fulfilling career.

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Ryleigh Moore

Video production, outreach talks, blog entries and interviewsRyleigh Moore MOSAiC School 2019 Kopie

Ryleigh Moore produced videos on polar bears, sea ice, and the installation of a seasonal ice mass balance buoy. She has also given several talks to different audiences about her experiences as part of the MOSAiC School.

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Pierre Priou

School presentations and experiments, and creation of an illustrated book with school kidsPierre Priou

Pierre Priou has conducted MOSAiC hands-on experiments and given talks at primary and secondary schools. Through the use of different media, kids discovered the fascinating world of Arctic research.

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Natalia Ribeiro Santos

Lesson Plans for teachers and activity for school visitsNatalia Ribeiro Santos MOSAiC School 2019 Kopie

Natalia develops a lesson plan entitled "Arctic and the Southern Ocean: Connected on their differences" and share her Arctic experience in interactive activities which will become available to teachers around the world.

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Thea Schneider

Photographic Documentation and Exhibition, Instagram Project, BBC Future gallery, Presentations and InterviewsThea Schneider MOSAiC School 2019

Thea Schneider is currently working on her photographic and audio material from her stay on Akademic Fedorov to create a photographic documentation and an exhibition for a broad audience. Some of Thea's photos can already be seen on Instagram, the BBC future website and her personal blog.

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Igor Vasilevich

Open lectures, video production, blogIgor Vasilevich

Igor Vasilevich gives open lectures about Arctic climate change and the MOSAiC expedition open for the public with the aim to reach people who haven't heard much about the MOSAiC expedition.

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Julika Zinke

Media outreach and talks to a public audienceJulika Zinke

Julika Zinke has given talks to a broad public audience to report about MOSAiC and has further reached German TV, a local radio station and a local newspaper. She has also featured Stockholm University's Instagram account and the university's newsletter.

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