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Doctor of Philosophy (Applied Geology)

Many geologists find employment in mineral and energy exploration and related fields, while others are employed in the construction of dams or tunnels. Others explore for underground water or monitor and study coastal processes and their impact. Geoscientists are employed in identifying natural hazards, such as landslides and earthquake risk, and in a variety of environmental studies. Geoscientists can be found in merchant banking, stock broking and investment analysis, in computer systems management and in numerous branches of state and federal governments. Working as a geoscientist is an interesting, varied and financially rewarding career choice that suits the ideals and aspirations of both young men and women in many different ways. Alternatively, graduates may continue to study their chosen specialty as postgraduates which can lead to fulfilling careers in research. Postgraduate degrees offered by the School include Graduate Diploma by research or by coursework, Master of Science by research or by coursework, and Doctor of Philosophy by research.

The University of New South Wales
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three years
natural hazards, mineral and energy exploration, coastal processes

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