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About ICCI

ICCI is a U.S. 501(c)(3), not-for-profit, nongovernmental organization founded in the wake of COP-15 in Copenhagen; and additionally, a non-profit organization founded in Sweden in 2012 (as ICCI-Europe).  ICCI works to protect the Earth’s frozen lands and waters - and thereby, the entire globe - from the impacts of climate change. The cryosphere spans areas of the planet covered seasonally or year-round in ice and snow, including the Greenland and Antarctica ice sheets, glaciers, snow, sea ice, permafrost and our polar oceans. As a network of both senior policy experts and leading researchers, ICCI works with governments, civil society and other actors to: highlight the consequences of the rapid changes taking place in the cryosphere and the dynamics that drive them; promote rapid emissions reductions of 50% by 2030 to slow these; and obtain funding for integrated cryosphere action projects across regions and disciplines.

This message of hope -- that it is NOT too late -- is a key part of ICCI’s outreach mission.

Outreach Director Position Summary:

The Outreach Director is broadly responsible for designing and implementing activities related to communicating the impacts of cryospheric climate change on the regional and global scales.  Work will include contacts with both the media and scientific community, as well as representatives of governments, nongovernmental organizations, and international organizations, especially the UNFCCC, UNEP, Arctic Council and Antarctic Treaty system.  The Outreach Director will work in cooperation with the Global and Regional (Arctic, Antarctic, Americas and Himalayas) Directors on strategically targeted efforts, as well as more generally raising awareness of cryosphere’s importance on the global stage.

Many past and present ICCI directors are either active early career scientists; retired diplomats, environment ministry or development experts; or those seeking to change careers to the climate field.  Applicants from across the career span are strongly encouraged to apply.  For early career scientists, the position may also be structured as a post-doctoral fellowship.

Strong emphasis is placed on commitment to addressing the climate crisis, and desire to work as a member of a close-knit, yet globally and culturally diverse and far-flung team.

ICCI has been entirely virtual since its founding in 2010, drawing on scientists and diplomatic expertise from around the globe.  We take care to promote a close-knit culture through frequent in-person meetings in conjunction with other international conferences; and in the wake of the pandemic plan to do so again.

Description of ICCI’s Outreach Goals

OUTREACH, in the ICCI context is basic to ICCI’s mission, and takes two primary forms.  First, our outreach programs and materials are an integral part of both informing policy makers with easily understood and relevant material; and assisting cryosphere scientists to communicate these in a policy-friendly manner.  As part of this work, ICCI regularly convenes science-policy dialogues under Chatham House rules (termed the “High Urgency” process), as well a s brings scientists into direct contact and briefings with policy makers.

Second, ICCI increasingly has moved into a more public position, as it has become clear that global leaders will only move as quickly as their electorates will allow them.  It is vitally important that even people who live far from ice and snow understand why these regions are key to protecting the entire climate system and preserving the rhythms of their daily lives -- even though they personally may never see a single patch of ice or snowfall.


  • Manage day-to-day outreach and communications for ICCI and especially in connection with UNFCCC and 50x30 efforts;
  • Monitor media for relevant articles, including coverage of research papers;
  • With the support of the Communications Assistant, assist in producing the weekly Cryosphere Capsules research summaries;
  • Establish and maintain relationships with global climate and science journalists, focused on English-speaking media but with attention also to other-language outlets as agreed with the Global and Regional Directors;
  • Attend in-person meetings, most often in conjunction with other international UN system conferences, in the aftermath of the pandemic.
  • Implement appropriate social media efforts, content of the ICCI or related web pages in cooperation with Regional Directors and area specialists;
  • Assist cryosphere scientists with work relevant to the UNFCCC and 50x30 goals to gain appropriate media attention;
  • Develop informational materials such as print, video and audio material, as appropriate in coordination with relevant media consultants;
  • Work with ICCI’s Directors and relevant contractor(s) to refine ICCI’s global outreach plan;
  • Participate in science media trainings with UWE-Bristol and provide relevant feedback;
  • Participate in the High Urgency science-policy process;
  • Manage COP-27 media outreach, including at the Cryosphere Pavilion;
  • Other duties, both as mutually agreed and as identified in the global outreach plan, as developed.


  • Bachelor’s degree in a relevant field and either an advanced degree in a cryosphere field; or a minimum of three years of program-related of outreach experience (including volunteer or internships) in the general field of climate change.
  • Excellent English language writing and speaking skills.
  • Strong familiarity with social media tools and design.


  • At least one world language, in addition to English.
  • Web design expertise.
  • Conference planning experience.
  • Proven management skills.
  • Experience living and working in an overseas (in addition to country of origin) environment.
  • Appropriate government and/or academic experience.

 On Offer:

  • The position is supported by a part-time Communications and Administrative Assistant
  • The position requires frequent (monthly/every other month) travel, depending on Covid-19 conditions
  • As with all ICCI positions, this is a virtual position and a consultancy, with a monthly honorarium of USD4000 representing approximately ¾ time.
  • The incumbent is responsible for taxes in accordance with regulations in the country of residency.


ICCI has contracted Global Recruitment Specialists to assist with this recruitment effort. Interested applicants should submit a cover letter and updated CV to:

Patrick Shields, Search Manager

Global Recruitment Specialists "Positioning You for Success"
Norwalk, CT 06851 USA
Telephone: +1- 203-899-0499
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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