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Three Postdoc Position at School of Oceanography
Shanghai Jiao Tong Univeristy
  • Postdoctoral Researcher

The School of Oceanography, Shanghai Jiao Tong University has undergraduate program in marine science, as well as master's and doctoral programs in first-level marine science disciplines. The school focuses on the development strategy of marine science at the university, promotes the cross-discipline development of marine science and technology, and cultivates top talents in marine science and technology. Due to the requirement of research and team development, Xianwei Wang's research group in the School of Oceanography is currently recruiting 2-3 postdoctoral researchers from home and abroad, and welcomes young scholars to join.

Wang Xianwei is an associate professor and doctoral supervisor in the School of Oceanography, Shanghai Jiao Tong University. His research focuses on polar glacier changes and glacier-ocean interactions, mainly in the following three research areas:

(1) Polar glacier changes: mainly using optical, radar remote sensing, altimetry, and ground measurement methods to obtain three-dimensional glacier changes, and exploring the mechanisms of these changes using reanalysis data and glacier models.

(2) Glacier-ocean interactions: mainly using remote sensing and ground measurement methods to obtain surface change and internal deformation, bottom melting/freezing, and other changes about glaciers/ice shelves, combining physical oceanographic observations around glaciers to understand glacier changes, and studying the impact of oceans on glacier changes using oceanographic and glacier models.

(3) Earth-Science applications of multi-source remote sensing data: mainly using multi-source satellite remote sensing, measurement data, computer image processing technology, and numerical models to monitor Earth surface changes and ground subsidence, with a focus on research related to sea level rise and coastal city safety.

Requirements for applicants:

1. A Ph.D. degree (generally obtained within the last 3 years) or about to obtain a Ph.D. degree;

2. Have published high-level academic papers as first author in internationally recognized journals in related fields, and have strong English writing and communication skills;

3. Passionate about scientific research, proactive, hardworking, with independent research capabilities and a team spirit;

4. Experienced in computer program design and coding.


1. Conduct independent research in the fields of polar glacier changes, glacier-ocean interactions, and remote sensing geological applications, and publish high-level academic papers in well-known journals in the field;

2. Assist the research group in organizing and implementing scientific research projects;

3. Independently apply for national natural science fund and other research projects;

4. Assist in guiding undergraduate and graduate students.

Application method:

1. Candidates who meet the requirements can apply via email by sending their resume (in both Chinese and English), full-text copies of representative papers (published within the last five years), postdoctoral research plan, contact information of three referees, degree certificate, and other relevant materials that can prove their ability level (such as work summaries, lists of published papers, and awards) to the designated email address. The email subject should be "Name-Position Applied for-Research Field".

Contact?Xianwei Wang 

Email?This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

2. Those who pass the initial review will be notified for an interview.

3. Applicants should truthfully fill out their personal information. Any falsification may result in disqualification from the interview or employment.


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