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Arctic PASSION Online Seminar on Arctic Observing Systems

Michael Karcher (1, 3)
Arild Sundfjord (2, 3)
Margaret Rudolf (4)

1: Alfred Wegener Institute
2: Norwegian Polar Institute
3: Arctic PASSION
4: International Arctic Research Center/SAON ROADS

Have you ever wondered what Arctic observing systems actually are? What do they observe and why do we need them? What does the data tell us for our daily lives and how might this be important for your own research? And which role does climate monitoring play in the use of Arctic observing systems? This online seminar which is part of our ongoing “Arctic PASSION Online Seminar and Dialogue Series” answers these questions - and many more - and gives you an introduction to Arctic observing systems. 

In its first part, you will receive an overview of the general structure of Arctic observing systems and the relevant projects and networks currently working with them. A special focus will be laid on their current status and possible future improvements. To this end, you will also get an insight into the Arctic PASSION project whose mission is the implementation of a coherent and integrated Arctic observing system.

The second part will introduce you to some of the problems researchers encounter when working with Arctic observing systems: The data they produce are scarce, intermittent and rarely cover all necessary variables. It then goes on to present you some of the possible solutions that projects like Arctic PASSION offer. It not only enhances planning and coordination across institutions and national programs but also facilitates applications if you need to work on a research vessel or need to use a drifting sea ice sensor platform for your own research. Hereby, examples of progress made in the first phase of the Arctic PASSION project will be given, along with plans for the coming years. 

Last but not least, the third part will focus on the importance and the role of Indigenous and Local Knowledge. Since Arctic observing systems impact policy- and decision-making, they also have a direct impact on Arctic Indigenous Peoples. They therefore have an invested interest in ensuring the observing systems are sufficient and effective. Through Indigenous Knowledge Systems and living in the Arctic, Indigenous Peoples are first to be aware of changes and have a holistic understanding of how changes will have ecosystem-wide impacts. This part will thereby demonstrate why equity is fundamental to the process of SAON ROADS in supporting Indigenous self-determination with decision-making power, as well as to supporting Indigenous Knowledges to be ethically part of the Arctic observing systems.

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APECS-Arctic PASSION Online Seminar and Dialogue Series

The EU Project “Arctic PASSION” aims to build a coherent Arctic Observing System that is adjusted to societal needs based on a co-design of knowledge. The Arctic PASSION Online Seminar and Dialogue Series is a tool to communicate project’s topics, share ideas, plans and results, and to initiate an inclusive and proactive dialogue with people from different groups, backgrounds and career levels. It is targeted to Arctic and Indigenous Youth, Early Career Scientists and other interested audiences. 

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