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image_comp_flyer_small-01.jpgDuring the APECS International Polar Week, 19-25 March 2018, we invite all APECS members to submit an image that represents “My #PolarPride.” The idea is to share photos and images from your research or your fieldwork that makes you proud to be a researcher at, or of, the poles. Whether you get to physically travel to the polar regions or if your work keeps you largely indoors, we welcome your #PolarPride images. For the image competition we will have two categories: My Polar Pride - Working Environment, and My Polar Pride - Research and Laboratory.

For the “Working Environment” category, we want you to submit a photo of your research or fieldwork that represents whatever you are proud of about your work. This includes photos of fieldwork, landscapes, wildlife, people and places.

For the “Research and Laboratory” category, we want you to get creative and think indoors! You can submit an image (photo, figure, map) that shows your #PolarPride even if you don’t work outdoors in the field. For example, you might like to show off a figure of your research results, a map of your study area, artwork depicting your research questions, or photos of yourself or colleagues indoors in the lab.


VOTE NOW on our favourite photos!! Thank you for the amazing photos that were submitted for our contest. Click through them and note their number and photographer name. And then fill out the two voting polls below. You can only vote once in each category!

Voting will close on 27 March at 23:00 GMT. The winners will be announced afterwards as soon as the voting results have been varified. 


Click on the folders for the two categories below to view the pictures:

My Polar Pride - Working Environment
My Polar Pride - Working Environment
My Polar Pride - Research and Laboratory
My Polar Pride - Research and Laboratory
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