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nsf logoSwedish Polar Secretariat mobile highres logoiasc webnorden logoapecs logo webCulminating the APECS Nordic Project, “Bridging Early Career Researchers and Indigenous Peoples in Nordic Countries” was a 2-day in person workshop entitled “Connecting Early Career Researchers and Community Driven Research in the North” that was held at the Arctic Science Summit Week (ASSW) , and Arctic Observing Summit (AOS) in Helsinki, Finland, 7-8 April, 2014.

The APECS Nordic Workshop brought together approximately 60 key stakeholders including mentors and experts and Early Career Researchers and Indigenous peoples, youth and local expert representatives among indigenous peoples, senior scientists, key representatives of international organizations and other media. APECS worked closely with existing partners such as IASC, Arctic Council Indigenous Peoples’ Secretariat and the Swedish Polar Research Secretariat to identify and invite workshop participants and mentors. Travel funding to attend the Workshop was available through various sponsors.

The 2-day workshop included plenary sessions, breakout sessions, panel discussions, and group work. The goal of the workshop was to discuss and develop materials that educate and inform about the interactions between ECRs and Indigenous peoples in Nordic regions.  

Please check this page for highlights about the APECS Nordic Workshop.  Once the results from the workshop have been compiled and published, they will also be made available here.

For more information about the ASSW 2014, click here. For more information about the Arctic Observing Summit (AOS), click here. 

APECS Norden Workshop a success in Helsinki, Finland

APECSNordenGroupThe APECS Norden Workshop in Helsinki, Finland was a success. From 7-8 April 2014, over 50 early career scientists, mentors and indigenous researchers gathered at the University of Helsinki and Finnish Meteorological Institute to be a part of the APECS Nordic Workshop, Connecting Early Career Researchers and Community Driven Research in the North”.

NORDEN Breakoutgroup 2014Over the course of two days, participants engaged with timely, thought provoking presentations by Gail Fondahl (UNBC, Canada), Heidi Eriksen (Utsjoki Health Center), Anna Afanasyeva (International Barents Secretariat), Arja Rautio (Thule Institute) and Roberto Delgado (USC/NSF), and offered valuable, insights during themed breakout sessions. Sessions topics including existing research policies, stakeholder interests, communication and successful collaboration led to honest, and challenging discussions about the real challenges and concerns that indigenous researchers and non-indigenous researchers face when conducting research in the Arctic. While most agreed, for example, that successful collaborations needed to involve community members in the research process, this was not always taking place.  One concern that was raised during the workshop was the scarce representation of Nordic indigenous people in the workshop itself. While every effort was made to advertise the workshop to all possible outlets, there was a higher representation of early career researchers in attendance. This and many other related questions were raised and thoroughly considered over the two days. Workshop participants were informed that the results of these discussions, in addition to the results from the APECS Norden Survey, and the webinars, will be compiled and drafted into a summary guide or report, translated and shared amongst the participants and the APECS network. Participants will be given an opportunity to comment on the draft prior to publication. Over the coming year, the APECS Norden project team expect to continue to disseminate the project at relevant conferences, workshops and meetings.

The APECS Norden project team extends a warm, sincere thanks to all the workshop participants and workshop speakers.

APECS Finland Sauna during ASSW 2014

APECS Finland Sauna 2014 1 smallThe Arctic Science Summit Week (ASSW) took place in Helsinki from the 5-11th of April 2014. As part of that conference, APECS organized a workshop on 7 - 8 April on the interaction between scientist and indigenous people in the Arctic.

The APECS Finland National Committee organized a social event for workshop participants, mentors and other interested ASSW participants in the evening of the 7 April. And being in Finland...what else could it be than something related to Sauna. After the official ASSW welcome and reception in the City Hall of Helsinki, about 40 people went cross town to experience this nice side of Finland's culture.

APECS Finland Sauna 2014 2 smallAt nine in the evening the sauna was heated up and the music playing. The first people arrived and went pretty much directly in the sauna. Though a map was handed out, some other participants ended up on grave yard before finding the right way to our location. Some refreshments and snacks were served and a nice atmosphere quickly established.

Running around in a towel made it a bit unhandy to take a camera, but thanks to Alexey Maslakov we fortunately found some nice pictures to share. At about 1 a.m. most people had disappeared to their hotels to get some sleep for the next day of the conference.

APECS Finland wants to thank the ASSW and Geysire for supporting this event.


Workshop Sponsors

APECS is grateful for the generous support of several sponsor to provide a limited amout of workshop participants with Travel Awards to attend the "Connecting Early Career Researchers and Community-Driven Research in the North". More sponsors will be added as they become available. Here is a bit more about our Travel Award sponsors:

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