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Timothy James Pasch
Associate Professor
Department of Communication
University of North Dakota
Grand Forks
United States
  • Education and Outreach
  • Human and Social
Commnication/Arctic Social Sciences
  • Arctic
Dr. Timothy J. Pasch is Associate Professor of Communication at the University of North Dakota, and principal investigator for NSF Arctic Social Sciences initiative #1758781 focused on digitally-enhanced entrepreneurship in remote Arctic communities.

Pasch is a dual US/Canadian citizen fluent in French and Japanese, with some Inuktitut language ability. He has received research support from the NSF, the US Department of Education Title VI (FLAS), and the Government of Canada. He lived with an Inuit family in Inukjuaq, Nunavik (Arctic Québec) for his dissertation research and has worked in the community of Arviat, in the Kivalliq Region of Nunavut, on various digital research initiatives. His currently funded research focuses on addressing educational and cyberinfrastructural barriers to sustainable and culturally-aligned economic development in the North American Arctic.

Pasch has led international initiatives to Canada, Japan and other nations. Pasch's research focuses on Arctic Digital Communication Networks, Digitally-Enabled Cultural Entrepreneurship, VR-assisted Social Network Analysis, Big Data Analytics, Distance Learning Optimization, and Cultural/Linguistic Resilience through Communicative Technologies.
Relevant Papers:
Pasch, T and Kuhlke, O (2019). Arctic Unmanned Aerial Video (UAV) 4K footage demonstrating topographical factors in Huslia, Alaska. NSF Arctic Data Center. doi:10.18739/A2W37KW0M

Pasch, T., Kuhlke, O. (2019). In Natcher, D, and Koivurova, T; Arctic Broadband Connectivity and the Creative Economy: Access, Challenges and Opportunities in Nunavut and Alaska. Chapter in Beyond Resource Extraction: The Renewable Economies of the Arctic. Arctic Council Sustainable Development Working Group SDWG/Routledge (In Press)

Pasch, T (2015). Journal of Specialized Translation/JosTrans, Towards the Enhancement of Arctic Digital
Industries in the Canadian North: “Translating” cultural content to New Media Platforms. Invited
Article for January 2015 special edition Translation and the Contemporary Survival of Languages and Culture.
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